Sienna Miller Red Moschino Capelet

  1. Hi there,
    i would like to know what you think iof sienna Miller style in general but also of her Moschino Red Capelet? Do you think it is out of style?

    Also i need help with these black boots she wore at the Premiere of the movie Layer Cake. The ones with the studs. What do you think of them?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your opinions with me :smile:
    Moschino_cape.jpg Moschino Wool Jersey capelet.jpg Sienna_Black_boots.jpg JeansandCowboyBoots.jpg
  2. Love the capelet...soooo cute!
    Love the skinny jeans - she owns this look
    Not crazy about the studded motorcycle boots - little ankle boots with a heel would be so much cuter, IMO
  3. Moschino is still selling capelets this year, so probably not 'out of style'. Even so, I wouldn't worry about that -- wear it if you like it!
  4. Capes and cape-jackets are very 'in'.

    I also like her boots.

    I don't really believe in copying celebs' style; but Sienna's clothes sense is generally very good, IMO. :yes:
  5. I love the capelet...whether it's "in" or not, it's sooo cool!
  6. It's cute! See if you can find one with slightly longer sleeves for winter and then you can pair it with long leather gloves!

    Unless, you live in the tropics ;)