Sienna Miller promotes her new line of jeans in Mexico City, November 22

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She looks great and she's really gorgeous.
  3. She looks so cute :tup:
  4. she look gorgeous!
  5. hmmm boring...
  6. wow I didn't know she had a jeans line..
  7. I agree!
  8. i like her jacket.

    if she was going to be promoting her jeans line, she probably should have worn an outfit that FEATURED them, though.
  9. LOL
    i though i saw the pepe jeans logo on the backdrop?
    is it meant pepe jeans made a jean based on her or what?
  10. yeah she looks great. but where are the jeans?
  11. she's pretty
  12. Gorgeous, she reminds me of a 70´s movie star.
  13. I love her but the outfit doesn't outshine her~~
  14. She looks great!
  15. i dont understand the fuss about her looks.not a fan at all