Sienna Miller out with her sister in New York (07/26/07)

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  2. homewrecker! lol. not a big fan of her...what the hell is she famous for anyway? i can't name one movie with her. i guess dating jude law gets you far
  3. Alfie... :smile:
  4. not a fan of hers.
  5. she was also in layer cake. great movie, btw.
    hmm i like those kinda gladiator sandals.
  6. I like the sandals too!!!
  7. Wasn't she in Factory girl too?? Cute outfit.
  8. I like both of their handbags.
    But Sienna has definitley had better pictures of her.
  9. she looks better than she has lately
  10. not really a sienna fan but why is she a homewrecker ?clue me in.
  11. She was also in Casanova

  12. hmmm.... dating jude while he's still MARRIED?

    btw, love the sister's cabas
  13. She is soooooooooo hot!
  14. I dont think she is anything special in terms of looks. But she just seems cool, on the Kate Moss level of coolness.

    Is she a good actress?
  15. i like their handbags, that's it.