Sienna Miller on the cover of W January 2007!

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  1. [​IMG]


  2. I love her haircut&shoes in the last picture!:yahoo:
  3. Love her! She's soooo gorgeous!!
  4. she's pretty but boring... i'm not sure i'll even recognise her if i met her on the street. she'll be just a pretty face to me.
  5. Omg!!!! You Are Hot:d
  6. I don't love the cover. But the interior photos are amazing!
  7. I don't like the cover but the b/w photos are lovely.
  8. The last pic is awesome!!!
  9. sooooooooo damn cute :drool:
  10. I bet she's thinking "eat your heart out Jude!" haha
  11. OMG! Thank you, ITA! I can't believe she is suppose to be an it girl.
  12. I agree! I think she's pretty, but I'm from Orange County there are so many blonde girls that look like her out here so that its nothing special to me. *shrugs*
  13. she's def no kate moss.
  14. He she is running around Manhattan on Monday :s

  15. wow she looks great and i love those christian louboutin shoes.