Sienna Miller leaves her North London home at mid-day 2007-12-20

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  2. i love her!:heart:
  3. she looks nice. It must be horrid to be filmed every time you leave your home tho!!! :biggrin:
  4. i like her bag
  5. She looks good.
  6. Oh totally agree. Imagine having people camped outside your house waiting for you to step outside. I know that they are paid an obscene amount of money, especially for what they do, and being photographed comes with the job but really, do they HAVE to camp outside your house!!!!?

    I think the UK is the worst for this.

    She does look good though!!!
  7. What bag is it?
  8. Dunno about the bag, but the coat is Chanel. I have a wool Chanel coat with the same toggle closures.
  9. Looks like her bag is Tod's
  10. She looks great as always. Love her style.
  11. she looks great, love her effortless style
  12. I couldn't imagine that..she does look nioce though