Sienna Miller: Every Designers Nightmare !!!

  1. [​IMG]Fashion designers are notoriously protective over their creations so after seeing the self inflicted tear in Sienna Miller's gown, the actress could soon find her reputation as a designer's dream change to a designer's nightmare.

    The 24-year-old Casanova star had her wardrobe calamity during Madame Butterfly at the Metropolitan opera in New York, and clearly appears a little embarrassed and cold after the accident.
  2. is it only me that finds her extension really weird looking, like you can guess the shape of her actual hair and it looks really gross? she' d be so cute with her real hair bob
  3. :yes:
  4. ^agree too!!
  5. her hair does look really bad.:shrugs:
  6. its not like she meant to tear her dress. I'm sure designers wont be scared for her to wear their clothes because of an accident. I would think the fact that she is Sienna Miller and wants to wear their designs would mean more than the fact that she had an accident with one dress.
  7. It WAS a nice dress. Can you imagine anyone wanting to purchase that thing when she returns it? "Make me a new one, please!"
  8. it says self inflicted...what did she do?
  9. Thats a lovely dress.... I hope the designer didnt have a heart attack!
  10. I feel awful for whoever designed that...the dress was so lovely. :sad:
  11. When seeing the pic I first noticed those awful hair extensions. Her natural bob is cuter than that 'do.
  12. It's so long in the front that she probably stepped on it by accident....and it looks really delicate so it probably ripped easily. I'm sure she felt bad...I would have.
  13. it looks like something from mathew williamson, but not sure either...
  14. Yikes! That (was) a gorgeous gown. I didn't even notice her hair at first and I guess I'm not good spotting extensions...isn't she just growing out that super cropped cut? :confused1:
  15. Pretty gown, what a shame. Her hair does looks really bad, celebs should just go au naturale w/ their hair. Victoria Beckham looks so good w/ her new bob.