SIENNA Metallic Army on Ebay!!!

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  1. Don't know if they faked this colour...if this auction is genuine, you would think the seller would have made a bit more effort with pictures and introduced herself a bit more...with 0 feedback, people are gonna be weary..
  2. An Ebay friend of mine wrote her asking for info and more pics. She posted one more pic of the inside of the bag but it really doesn't show anything. This is what she says...

    The bag has soft brassy gold colored suede on the inside. There are no marks on the inside. The outside bottom of the bag shows minimal wear and tear. I purchased it at Gary's Per Donna at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. for $650.00. I will add more pictures of the bag)

    She doesn't mention wear and tear in her auction so what exactly is minimal wear and tear?. This very well could be a real Metallic Army Bag. If someone gets more pics of this to nail down authenticity they could get this bag probably pretty cheap because I doubt many people will want to deal with a new ebayer and an iffy bag.
  3. She seems to have added more pics.
    What do you think Lex?
  4. looks okay to me but i'm a kooba-newb.
  5. I agree... it looks okay. BUT, a zero feedback seller and her auction clearly states "Item is non-returnable".

    Yikes! It would definitely be a gamble...
  6. I still don't know. It would be a risk but I think it might be real. The side tassles look really long but it may be how she has them tied. Someone might get a nice bag cheap. But she claims ther is wear and tear but doesn't show it. Someone wrote asking for a look at the zipper and she did show the zipper....from the front...LOL If it is real or not, she has no idea what she has.
  7. hi guys!

    This really should have been posted in Authenticate This! and if it's real, can then be posted in the Authentic Kooba Finds sticky:yes:

    Let's keep it tidy and easy to navigate por favor:cutesy:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.