Sienna Ivory is the bag!!

  1. Just got my Sienna Ivory out of hiding a couple of weeks ago and have worn her non-stop!! We have 30C+ most days here for the next couple of months, so drawstring pants and sandals are pretty much what I live in..the Sienna is just so perfect with easy, laid back clothes..anything to dark and structured would look too much...think I'll get the Ivory Lucy out today and give her some air!:smile:

    And the girl is holding up pretty well, no marks so far...
  2. That's nice to hear .. I've been so worried about how mine will hold up once I get her~ I can't wait to show her off ... :wlae:
  3. Mine was bought in July-06, P_A, and has been worn a lot..people are a bit weary of the Ivory, and it is a bit delicate, but I'm on to my 3rd summer with it and the bag still looks good!
  4. Oh Maggie, if you're trying to make us jealous, it's worked. Saudi Arabia has been darn cold lately. I would relish a few warm sun rays right now.

  5. Did you do anything special with it? I'm thinking of running over to the Wilson's store they have in the mall to see if they have that leather protect stuff everyone has been telling me about - do I just spray it down liberally with it?

    I'm one of those girls that if I like a bag, I like to use it more than once or twice a month - so I'm hoping I can get some daily use out of it! :smile:

    Well, I guess if I get it way dirty - I've learned my lesson and I'll just have to save up for a more practical color - I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed with this light one though .... I just love the way she looks - even though the gold whipstitching was different to me .. there was just something about the bag that sort of called to me .. if that makes sense. Or do I just sound crazy ... LOL.

    That floral sienna in the brown color is calling to me in the same way! :s
  6. My ivory sienna has some denim staining along the bottom but it is still my favorite color made in that style. Love, love, love it!
  7. That's the bag I want!!!!!! *jealous* It is so hard to find now!
  8. P_A, I didn't spray it, but should have done..a bit late now, will just lock in any dirt that's already there...I would recommend you get some of that Wilson spray and give it a good once-over before you use it, I've sprayed my Cognac Sienna and it's held up fabulously, even with rain drops hitting it...(but of course, you cannot compare those two colours...)

    Hope you enjoy it, girl!:smile:

    Mini, don't be jealous, it's so damn hot, I'm melting here, LOL
  9. Thanks Maggie! :flowers: Quick question while it's still fresh in my mind - rain + my ivory Sienna = bad bad news?

    And I'm jealous as well of your weather - it's 55 here today but yesterday it was low 30's - it snowed Saturday and Sunday - the weather can't make up it's mind if it wants spring time weather or still winter weather!! I can't figure out what to wear until I wake up in the morning and give it a check - but that doesn't work out well either...I woke up this morning it was low 30's - by the time I got to work it was up to high 40's - made it to high 50's today -

    Wacky weather!
  10. Well, to be honest, my Ivory Sienna has never seen rain, LOL

    When it comes to rain on my bags, I'm not relaxed...I once went into Gap and asked for a big shopper to put my bag in after I got caught in a downpour...they did give me some strange looks, but what did I care, so there I was, I bag for my bag...

    It depends on what you mean by rain, I suppose, it will be fine with a few drops on it, but if you're planning to stride the street when the torrential are coming down, maybe it's best to cover it up...
  11. I know what you mean, I carry a plastic grocery bag scrunched up in my bags in case it rains.
  12. I never intentionally shield my Sienna from the rain and I have no water marks. It's more the jeans I wear that rub off that stresses me out!
  13. See now, that just goes to show (me) that I think I will wear a darker bag in the warmer months but when it comes down to it, lets break out the light colors!
    Black in the middle of Summer with casual wear??!! No way! Glad you're having fun Maggie---and that you fell in love again :love:

  14. Good for you! I love the Ivory Koobas, I just can't keep them clean!

    Why, oh why, does it have to be winter here??? How I miss the sun!
  15. Wow Maggie - your 3rd summer with it? Seriously? Do you wear it regularly? I'm very impressed!!!!! :yes: