Sienna in Raisn from NM

  1. I gave in and ordered one today. I have longed for a raisin Kooba since the beginning so I see NM had some (hopefully) in stock and on sale, with free shipping, so I went for it.

    Let's hope I actually GET it! :tup:
  2. I really love the raisin color, I have it in a Jessie.

  3. NICE spelling on the title. geesh. :rolleyes:

    I have loved that color so much from the beginning, LSR! I thought I was going to sneak a Paige from eBay from under everyone's nose at a good price, but they fooled me and really bid it up. I almost never seen raisin bags on eBay, so I decided this was it!
  4. Have never seen that colour IRL, hope they don't mess this order up...and when you get it, we want to see it!:smile:
  5. Oooh a Raisin sienna. :graucho:
    I have always loved the look of that colour. I reckon by next year they will be worth big bucks on eBay, as they are quite rare now.

    A good investment :yes:
  6. That sounds awesome Grace! I love that color. I'm sure it will be stunning!
  7. NM's online CS says the bag should arrive around 6/6. I've found that the orders generally arrive much sooner but that's ok, I want to save this bag for October. :heart:
  8. You will LOVE the raisin color I think. It's so cool. It is one of my favorite colors Kooba came out with.


  9. Such a pretty color.
  10. How great! The raisin color is beautiful. I hope you love it.