Sienna in cream

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  1. How does it look against a white top? Any pictures out there? I really like the bag, but I need a bag to wear with white tops and dresses in the summer. What do you guys think?


  2. Check the pictures of your Koobas thread. I had a Sienna in Ivory, but never used it (so no photos). I think cream would be fine with white, unless you really are one to "match" everything, KWIM?
  3. I almost got one yesterday, and didn't cause I didn't like the look of it against my white shirt.
  4. Heck! I'd wear it! Whatever you'd be wearing on the bottom would probably not be white but some other color or denim, and it would be fine! I saw some women wearing cream Siennas in Santa Fe last year for the Indian Market, and I thought they looked beautiful! Especially with the brass hardware!
  5. I think that the Kooba Creme / Ivory bags are lovely. There was a slight difference though between the creme and ivory. The creme had more of a yellowish undertone, whereas the ivory was more of a beautiful creamy off-white, KWIM?

    Plus I think the ivory has a nicer lambskin quality to it, whereas the creme ones are a little flatter for lack of a better word.

    In terms of wearability, I think it's gorgeous - far nicer than screaming white/white. White/white looks a tad cheap to me, but I'm weird....:shrugs:
  6. Agree with jchiara to a certain extent, but the Cream is too yellow, beige for my liking..I really don't like this colour at all..I think it could easily look quite worn and tired...was so disappointed when I saw it IRL

    Have you seen the colour? I think you need to see it, before you get this, if you're after a cream bag, the Ivory is a lovely cream/off-white, this is the colour I love and goes with everything, looks great with white...
  7. Hmm.....1000% to a total extent. The creme was nasty IMO.
  8. I agree with Maggie and jchiara. I don't like the cream version of the Sienna. Ivory though, is like vanilla ice cream. Yum!
  9. That's exactly what I thought. The color is just weird. I too like ivory much better.
  10. The Ivory, definitely....especially with summer around the corner. There's a gorgeous, mint one on ebay right now for a great price...which I would link to if I were not at work.

    Go for Ivory! :yes:

    P.S. Welcome!!
  11. hi, i just sent a message to your inbox
  12. I agree with Maggie, jchiara and youngster. The cream is too yellow for me, the ivory is a gorgeous soft shade. One of the nicest things about it is that it feels just as soft as it looks. I was fortunate enough to purchase an ivory from a TPF member (who shall remain nameless) and when I do my Kooba inventory I take it out of it's sleeper and squeeze it. It's smoochy!