Sienna in Cognac...Mine

  1. I did it. I have been staring at that auction all week. I took out my Metallic Army Sienna and see that the threads above the strap rings have started to come out so I pulled them all out. Doesn't change it appearance or durability but I just wanted it to look uniform. So...there is some wear on it. And when...if ever, will I find a smooth leathered older Sienna still in New Condition. Maybe I will sell my Metallic in time. I don't know. Anyway...there is one more up (Sienna in Cognac for 425) if anyone wants it.
  2. ooo yaay :smile: congrads its a beauty!!! :smile: the smooth ones are so much better!
  3. Congrats Lexie! One can never have too many Siennas!
  4. Nice choice, Lexie. I have no doubt that bag is the staple of a Kooba collection.
  5. Wow Lexie, didn't know you had your eyes on that Cognac one, you got a great deal there (at least compared to mine..) Funny thing is, this Cognac one has made me want more Siennas in the smooth leather, now I'm getting quite obsessed...:rolleyes: So you're going to Wilson spray it, I take it, I'm scared to use mine, must go out today and find a good leather spray.

    So, congratulations, girl, great choice!
  6. What a gorgeous color on that Sienna! My first Kooba purchased was the Sienna but in Moss, not the most desirable color. It was marked way down at NM online a while back. But I love the bag and use it occasionally as a great accent color. But to have it in Cognac, now that would be heaven sent. Congrats on your new Kooba beauty!
  7. can't wait to see pix when you get her home! i've been eyeballing this auction in jealousy. i'm considering a future purchase of a black or cognac sienna, or a black jillian like ya showed me ;)
  8. I DIDN"T have my eyes on it until all this talk about it was posted. Then I saw some wear and tear on the Metallic Army (just those anchoring threads) but I panicked thinking I always had to have a smooth Sienna. And honestly, I think it is about the greatest style bag out there and it's the greatest size and style for me. Not Huge, not terribly heavy, comfortable straps, and great open access.