Sienna Gets Down with Diddy

  1. Sienna Miller leaves Diddy’s party at DC10 club late Monday night in Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.
    The DC10 Club is conveniently located right next to Ibiza’s only airport and was dubbed club of the year by The Face magazine last year. It has become one of this season’s favorite clubs in one of the most popular areas for clubbing in the entire world.
    Sienna was traveling with a group of friends and after the party, Diddy and his entourage visited Sienna’s villa.
    diddy-sienna-miller-01.jpg diddy-sienna-miller-02.jpg diddy-sienna-miller-03.jpg diddy-sienna-miller-04.jpg diddy-sienna-miller-05.jpg
  2. Interesting boots LOL.
  3. I've been there.
  4. how nice!