Sienna discontinued?

  1. Is the sienna being discontinued or will there be more for fall 07?
  2. It doesn't appear at this time that there will be any Siennas, at least, that is what I think....
  3. There is none on the new Fall bags. I wonder if this is the end of seeing any newer styled Sienna's listed. We had the smooth, had the pebbled, we had the embossed. I wonder if that is it now. I hope everyone who has wanted A Sienna got one.
  4. Maybe somewhere down the line after a few seasons pass, they might do a re-issue! With an attractive new price, I'm sure....
  5. Egad - that's my favorite one! I hope they don't discontinue!

    But then, I always love the stuff that goes out :huh:
  6. Heather, the Sienna in any kind are rarely seen (authentic ones) now. 99% of them on eBay are fake. Doesn'r NM or BG have a pebbled version on sale? You better get busy girl. They are few and far between.
  7. I suppose that this isn't the best time to bring up the fact that when I was at Off Fifth near Naples about a month ago, they had a big sale table piled high with all sorts of bags, and there sat a flowered embossed cognac (?) Sienna right smack dab on the top of the pile that was marked down to $174!. I checked it over and found absolutely nothing wrong with it. I was in the market, however for my Jessie, and at the time I wasn't thinking straight. I could have bought that bag, too, but I didn't. Just kick me now.
  8. Oh my Off 5th has a TON of the embossed florals in cognac? (reddish brown). They are $230 or so, but usually I go with a 20 - 30% coupon so that makes them less than $200.

    I'm partial to the pebbled leather though!

    I've got the teak sienna, and I'm soon to acquire a black pebbled frankie, so I think I'm ok for a bit! lol

    My other obsession is Marc Jacobs Sophias (again, super popular style that is probably out >.<)
  9. According to, they will NOT be bringing the Sienna back this season.

    There are a couple up on eBay today, though.
  10. Neiman Marcus has pebbled Siennas in bourbon and black for $375 for 4-day sale, which I believe ends today. I wanted a raisin one but only black and bourbon. Better grab one quick.
  11. Wow! Then when I bought my flowered embossed for $274 at Saks, it was a good deal!!
  12. Nunnla

    I can't find the Sienna on NM website. Can you send me the link?

  13. Sorry, ladies. They're all gone.
  14. Sorry, they're all gone. I bought a bourbon one yesterday afternoon and at that time, they still had them in black and bourbon. They went fast.