Sienna Blade bag please...

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  1. Hello, I apologize if these questions have been posted before...I searched and couldn't find any of them yet. So here goes...

    I just purchased a beautiful Blade in the color Sienna. I was wondering:
    What season was sienna from?
    Does anyone have pictures of a broken in Blade bag? I am curious how the bag will wear. Does this leather soften and/or get any sheen to it?
    And...anyone have issues with the metal pieces that hold the strap? I scratched the heck out of my arm on one yesterday...they're very sharp on the edges!!
  2. I am interested in knowing these things too, especially about how the Blade bag wears over time ... was looking at one last week at Saks. The leathe looks really thick but the surface seemed vulnerable to scratches and dents (the floor display already had some wear). Anyone have this bag?
  3. The Blade is fairly a new bag so it will be tough to anticipate the leather's wear and tear with time. I turned down one in Satinated Calfskin after witnessing how the beautiful navy blue leather scuffs to reveal a white underlayer. Just unacceptable for me. I would probably give the bag another try if it was done in another leather.

    Sometimes you gotta be thankful for store displays, they are the best indicators of how the leather will behave.
  4. Thanks very much for responding. Do you know what type of leather the sienna blades are? I don't know enough to know if it is satinated or pomellato or another calfskin...
  5. Hi, I recently purchased the Sienna Blade. My SA said it was in Palmelatto leather and it was from Spring Summer 2013.