Sienna Bag Question

  1. Hey! Was going to search but I think the feature is still down.

    Do they still make the Sienna? Can I find it in retail stores or only on eBay? Thanks!! I'm new to Kooba but have loved this bag forever and am ready to get one!
  2. Hello Pink, unfortunately I think Kooba is longer making the Sienna. It was such a popular and pretty purse too but I have not seen it in their newer lines. I think your best bet would be eBay(remember to have it authenticated first) or Saks off fifth/neiman last call, etc.
  3. I'm always too late...ha ha! I found one on eBay I put in the authenticate thread. Thanks!
  4. Pink, eBay is a great place to find Sienna's, but there are lot's of fakes there also, so you are smart to get them authenticated!
  5. Bluefly sometimes has them too.
  6. I'm New To The Purse Forum, Would Love To Say Hello, To All...i Have A Kooba Sienna, Lined In A Brown With Kooba Logoed Inside, The End Of The Bag Where A Metal Plate Would Be Is Embossed Kooba, Into The Leather, Is This Normal For An Older Bag? It Is Off-white With Gold Whip-stiching.
    Thanx, Wolfgirlie77
  7. ^Hey Wolfgirlie! It would really help to see pics of the interior of your bag, though I recall seeing an authentic Sienna like this before (however it was NOT in the cream/gold color scheme). I recommend you post some pics of your bag in the Authenticate This part of the Kooba Forum, you'll get a better response there too. Good Luck!
  8. A similar bag to yours has just been mentioned in the Authenticate This thread - you should post pics of yours and look at that one too. My feeling on it was that it was probably authentic, but we are waiting for others to weigh in.

  9. Yep - I got that bag - waiting on her to mail it off tomorrow .. should have it by the weekend. Fingers crossed that it's the real deal. I've been burned off with a sale of a fake before (not on ebay and well before my TPF life) - I keep thinking I shouldn't have been so quick to click buy it now .. but with her 100% authentic guarantee - I hope if it's not real, I won't have a problem getting my money back.

    Ohhh....I can't wait to get her though .. . :yahoo: What's bad is I'm already shopping around for my next Kooba purchase! My husband is going to kill me. :boxing: