Sienna Arrived!

  1. Hello All and thanks for everyone's help. My Kooba Sienna arrived yesterday from And let me tell you is gorgeous. One of the best "guilty pleasure" purchases I have made in years. And Bluefly sends coupons and even sends a return pre paid label if you don't like the purchase (HA HA).
    So thanks again!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats to you on your new Sienna!

    What color did you get?
  3. Congrats, remington! Yes, please tell us more about your Sienna!
  4. The Sienna is such a great bag:heart:

    So Remi, we demand to see it!
  5. I love the Sienna! It is such a terrific bag that can fit so much, but is a comfortable shoulder bag. Enjoy it!
  6. Please post some pics!
  7. We're in suspense... what color and how about some pics? I'm so glad you love it. The older style Koobas are unbeatable.
  8. congratz on your SIENNA!

    I particularly LOVE my raisin one...kinda would like an ivory or brown one too...eek!
  9. Sorry for the long delay...I took my BLACK Sienna on its first business trip. I received so many compliments on it...ladies would stop me and one man even commented on it.
    I wish I had a digital camera to take some photos but no photo, and I have seen some good ones on eBay, do justice to this bag. It screams quality. I'm in love.