Siena PM or MM, which one will you pick?

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  1. Hi, I have narrow down my next bag will be my first DE bag - Siena, but couldn't decided on PM or MM, I read all the post in here, some people said the MM will bending in on the two top corner while you wearing cross body, which is my favorite style, I know the PM will look cute and without that problem, but I'm afraid it will be too small. What will you pick? I'm 5'4, size 4-6, thanks! I would like to get it in this weekend, if I can decided on the size!
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    Do you have the option of trying them both on in the boutique? That way you'd be able to see first- hand how they look on you worn cross body, as well as how much the PM can hold. I assume you've read through the Clubhouse thread for this bag? I don't have this bag, but it's a pretty DE option. Good luck deciding!

  3. I'm partial to the pm for your size but it is always better to see and try in person
  4. I think I read on the clubhouse the pm is equal to the speedy 25 size and the mm is close to 30. There are some you tube videos on both sizes to help as well. Let us know what you choose.
  5. PM! I have it and love the size. No bending or slumping in the middle. I'm 5'3" and I think it's perfect for shoulder or cross body.

  6. No, I don't have chance to look at it in person yet! I have a small kid, waiting for my husband to take care him before I heading to the store. I really want to hear more comments about this bag in the meantime!
  7. I have the pm. Great size. Does bend in the middle and fits everything I need in it. Probably same size as speedy 25 interns of what you can fi In it. I love mind to pieces. Also depends how much you carry with you
  8. Anyone have a MM? Please give some comments! Thanks!
  9. I have the MM and love it, it fits everything that I need on a daily basis. It's actually smaller than the speedy 30. I believe it's the same size as the NF PM. I think it looks better as a shoulder bag, a little too big for crossbody- although I will still wear it this way if i need. And the 25 for crossbody. I usually only carry her with the top handles. For reference, I'm 5'7 size 4. GLD! You can't go wrong either way. However- I do wish I waited, as I love the Mews, but they are too similar to justify having both.

  10. Great! Thank you! That's what I want to know! I likes crossbody bag, because I have a young kids, probably I should go for the PM then. I'm afraid the MM will sticking out too much!
  11. I would definitely go with the PM, I have a 2.5 yo and a 4 month old and I wouldn't dream of trying to wear the MM. It's just too bulky to try and chase my oldest around. My MM tends to move a lot if I'm trying to run and catch the subway.
  12. I'm 5'4" and bought the MM--just love it---lies flat against the body when worn on shoulder and is a nicer shape IMO than the PM----it holds the moon and very lightweight.
  13. Pm!!!
  14. Oh no... I can't decided!

  15. How do you like to wear your MM crossbody?