Siena GM - do I, don't I? Help needed!

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  1. Ok so I have a few peices of LV which consist of:

    Sprouse leopard shawl (multi colour from 2014)
    Sarah wallet mono
    DE key pouch

    Just got a really good promotion at work to A Project Manager so want a good sized, professional but can be smart casual bag and have narrowest down to two. Siena GM and a Neverful GM here's my problem.

    I like my shoulder bags and worry about the Neverful straps may pinch if she's full - is this something anyone experiences?

    I'm in love with the Siena and think as I like to drag the kitchen sink about with me, this would be a good choice and I will forgo the shoulder requirement as I have a long strap and can carry it by hand.

    I can't get to a store so it's your help that will lead me to my first LV.

    Can anyone help with a mod shot of a GM Siena and a GM Neverful please? Also can I get you thoughts as I know there is a wealth of experience here I trust..

    I've always been in love with a Palermo but never got in their quick enough to land one.

    Just to help, I will need to carry around a laptop A4 notebook and usual girlie rubbish...

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Congrats on your promotion!! :dothewave:
    I unfortunately don't own the Siena yet so can't do a comparison but something worth noting with this bag is that when worn cross body, the sides tend to curl up. This is something I've read being reported by several members now and given the way the handles are hooked onto the bag, can already imagine this happening.

    NF is a great choice overall but it does dig into the shoulder when heavy and doesn't have the zip closure. Besides, I would be mindful of peeping toms at work!!
  3. I have the NF MM and don't have the pinching of the straps..I don't have the Siena but like the looks of it and like that it has a zippered top for security vs the NF...I do have the Palermo pm and it's one of my favorite bags....I love the detailing on it so I thinks it's sort of similar to the Siena? I like the pleat detail and the tab on the outside and you can't go wrong with DE for the Siena!
  4. I love the Siena GM! I only have a Neverfull MM to compare it to and I would choose the Siena over the Neverfull any day. I like to wear the Siena crossbody, but the strap that comes with it is absolute rubbish (it's too short for crossbody use and too long for shoulder use) but that's the only negative thing I can think about the bag! The Neverfull GM will definitely fit more stuff than the Siena GM which fits about as much as a Speedy 30.
  5. So glad ou love your Palmero, I've found a new one on line but it's the PM which is too small for me.... Unless I downsize somewhat :graucho:

    Ok I get you. Interesting comments. Don't want a pinched shoulder as that will drive me nuts. I'm not a great cross body wearer. I have smaller bags for that so the Siena GM is still coming out on top...

    Do you have any mod shots, I'm only 5'2. Don't want it to look too big if that makes sense.

    Thank you for your comments they're all super helpful :cool:
  6. Have you thought of the estrela? It's a zippered tote that's comfy to wear on the shoulder and can hold a lot. Has a crossbody strap although I don't like how it tugs on the sides but it's there to use in a pinch- which shouldn't matter to u as u said ur not a great crossbody wearer. Sorry to throw in another bag into the mix but this bag is great too and really comfy on the shoulders.
  7. I second the estrela!!
  8. I've just had a look and she's a beauty. I noticed the truenne as well. Now I'm really going to struggle. I can only think that I will have to go to the store and have a good play about as if I order bags by post I have to wait a week for them to arrive. I'm not that patient!!

    Thank for for your helpful suggestions though....