Sideways Cross Necklace.. Offensive?

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a small silver sideways cross necklace for my boyfriend's mother, who is Christian and in her mid-40's.

    Do you think this is an age appropriate gift, and would it be offensive in anyway?

    Thank you all for the help!
  2. Frankly, yes - I would find this offensive. I would pick a traditional cross for a Christian. It's kind of like an upside down flag.
  3. I wouldn't think so! Just a different spin on the traditional. I adore the sideways cross necklaces, and wish someone would get one for me!
  4. I, personally, would find it offensive.
  5. I don't find it offensive, but if you have doubts, don't.
  6. It's intent is not to be offensive.

    A flag displayed upside down is a internationally recognized sign of "dire distress" and "extreme danger to life or property".
    People who have used the upside down flag as a symbol of protest have muddied the true meaning.

    A sideways cross can be an artistic interpretation or religious significance.

    The sideways cross is used on graves is the hope of the resurrection.

    It is used to represent St Andrew who is the patron saint of Scotland as well as the symbolism behind the Scottish flag.

    It's hard to tell if she would like it, but hope that helps.
  7. The problem is that people who see her wearing it may not be aware, and they may find it offensive as well. I don't think it is internationally known and accepted. I would not be comfortable wearing one, nor would I find it really pretty on someone else to be honest. (I work part-time as an organist along with my main job as a paralegal).
  8. For her age I would not
  9. I would probably hesitate whether or not it was an appropriate gift :thinking:
  10. Since she's a Christian and if she wears it, will likely be wearing it for the religious symbolism behind it, I would not buy a sideways cross and stick to getting a traditional one.
  11. ^agree
  12. her age??? she's in her mid-40s, not mid-70s. my goodness...
  13. I'm Christian and I would NOT find it offensive. If you're thinking of getting the Roseark one, though, maybe consider the Roberto Coin tiny treasures cross (also in that price range). It's beautiful!
  14. I'm not very religious, but I would hesitate to get it for someone else. I'd wear it, but she might not. I agree with most of the posters here.
  15. If you question whether or not it would be offensive and are not sure about how she feels about the sideways cross, then I wouldn't buy her one. Unless you know that she either wants one or would value the significance of it, I'd stick with a tradtional cross.