sidewalk sale?

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  1. Does the coach outlets have a "sidewalk sale" (if thats what its called) every holiday weekend? like this upcoming weekend..4th of July? If they do, do the bags & accessories get discounted more? I just spent too much last weekend but I can never pass up great deals! Too much is never enough LOL Thanks
  2. oh hey i never thought about that, id liek to find out too!!
  3. I don't think they do. The malls that carry Coach bags may have them but I don't think Coach does. Stuff at the Coach store is never on sale. They do have the 25% off preferred customer thing that people can use and it usually comes when a new line is coming out. Other than that, Coach is on sale at the outlets. I have heard the shoes go on sale in the Coach store itself but I've never seen it so far.
  4. The shoes were on sale at the tysons store over the weekend..I don't know when its suppose to end but I was just wondering about the outlets
  5. Coach stores in Canada do have sales, there was one last June/July - but this is mostly due to the fact that there aren't any outlets here.
  6. When I was at the Leesburg store for Memorial day, there wasn't a sidewalk sale. I don't think they do, but, I could be (and would love to be!!) wrong.
  7. I heard that during the day after thanksgiving the outlets usually give an added extra percentage of their sale prices? Maybe they do that for the 4th of July sale as well..
  8. The outlets don't ever put stuff outside....but back in the day they definitely had amazing holiday weekend sales.... like an extra 20 or 30% off everything...even stuff that was already on sale. So you could get something out of the clearance section that was say marked 40% off...and then get an extra 20% off because everything in the store was marked an extra 20%. That said...its been about 2 years since I felt the outlets have had good weekend sales. Now it seems like its whatever the normal prices is without the extra discount on everything in the store.
  9. This is my first post, but I've been lurking and reading here for about a week now :smile: . Anyhow, I stopped by the Coach outlet today in Gilroy, CA and most of the items in the store were an additional 20% off. They had pretty large clearance sections of 40% off items as well. The only things I saw that didn't have the additional discount were a few of the larger leather wallets, sunglasses, umbrellas and the various key fobs/ chains. I didn't see any shoes at all.

    Just thought I'd mention it!
  10. Gilroy, CA is actually where I had my BEST holiday outlet coach trip...but that was a few years ago....I think the last time I was there on a holiday weekend was last labor day...and the deals were good...but not as good as I remembered from my GREAT trip!
  11. Does any of the outlets carry shoes??
  12. Only if they've been returned to that outlet store in my experience.
  13. I don't think so. I've been to several different outlets, in different cities and states, and sometimes the same one a couple times in a month, and never any shoes! :cry: I always try off Saks though, they have some good deals on coach shoes sometimes :yes: Or Nordstrom Rack.
  14. The larger Macy's stores will have some on clearance too....
  15. I have! In boston. I saw these cute sandals with the turnlock closure on the front. $115 down from 199 in a pretty pale blue. Was so tempted, but I have way too many shoes!