Sides peeling on tote with zippers

  1. I purchased the saffiano tote with double zippers from Saks and the tote with snap from NM because I could not decide which style I wanted. I decided against the double zippers and went to Saks to return. Another SA pointed out to the one helping me that the sides were peeling. I told them that this bag was sold to me like that because it had never been used. I pointed out that the paper was still inside and that they could look at the interior of the bag and see that it had never been used. The SA said she had to have a mgr approval to return the bag but he was on vacation and would be back next week. She wanted me to take the bag home and bring it back. I told her absolutely not because if it got worse they would continue to blame it on me. The bag is in there hands now with a copy of the receipt and I noted all the defects on their copy. Hopefully this will all work out well. To be honest, I never even noticed the peeling when I bought it. I pointed out to her that it was impossible for me to have damaged the bag in the exact same spot on all four corners and since I only had the bag for over a week, what poor quality for this to happen. Sorry for my rambling. I just really needed to vent!!!
  2. I have been reading about cracking/peeling leather on the saffiano quite often now. Do you think they have lowered their quality standards? One of these bags should really last a lifetime.
  3. I don't think the quality has gone down. Hopefully this was just a fluke. I was really irritated that the associate's first response was that I had damaged the purse.
  4. **Update--I am happy to report that Saks returned the bag and I was given a full refund. I have been using the the BN1844 (with snap closure) and absolutely love it!