Sidekick, love em or hate em?

  1. So I live in the UK and sidekicks are kinda, well you NEVER see them! Me liking to be different and after shopping with KaiieCHANEL (who told me how FAB they are) im thinking of getting one!:p
    Really, I want it to have the crystals out on because it looks so cool!lol!

    But I just wanted to know the pros and cons of them!

    I have a LG shine and bf has N92 so not worried about camera quality, just wanted to know why you have got yours!

    TIA xx
  2. hate them!i had the sidekick 2 about a year ago and the phone seems like its really great but its so not.Maybe i just had a bad experience with mine but some of the problems were,

    it would always erase all of my numbers,pictures,pretty much all the information i had on it.
    then another drawback was that it didnt even have simple things like a calculator or alarm clock on it.I know that seems kinda petty to be talking about but for a $300 phone it better come with those little luxuries!
    the camera isnt that great and i think if you do want like an alarm and stuff you have to pay seperate for it.

    anyways,that was my experience with it.maybe i just had a bad one?
  3. I've been wanting a sidekick for YEARS. My plan with cingular is up in November, and since I'll hopefully have a full time job by then I was thinking of making the switch to TMobile and getting a SK3. But, I do like my plan with cingular, so I can't decide between a SK3 or a BlackBerry. Help!
  4. Get one!!!

    I have the Sidekick 2 (and I'm pretty much the only one around here in Germany with it which I love :p) and I couldn't live without it.

    The cam on it really is crap, but I don't use phone cams anyway. Besides that I never ever had any problems with it and I'm treating it rather harshly. It's getting thrown around, dropped, stepped on etc and still working perfectly for me.
  5. What do you primarily use your phone for? They're great for emails/texting/AIM. Then again, due to the design, you almost have to use two hands to type...unlike the Treo or Blackberry. They're kind of bulky too, and proprietary (ie, you can't customize them easily)
  6. I really wanted a sidekick but only T mobile to them (and I don't think they do anymore) plus they charge you more you have to get an extra "sidekick charge" on your tariff just because it's a sidekick :tdown: plus we are way behind the US version out now. Maybe if I could pick up a cheap one on eBay I'd do it but at the minute I'll stick to mine I got the T mobile MDA 2 which is pretty good I am going to bling it up one day
  7. I have the sidekick 3. I hate it. The camera SUCKS. And every 2 weeks it erases all my contacts. I'm serious. I use it alot for email. So the keypad that is the same as a standard keyboard is great.

    I'm gonna get a new phone soon.
  8. I live in the UK too, I used to have a sidekick2, but I recently upgraded to the 3, I LOVE it. But it's so annoying when I'm out & I'm on it, people ALWAYS come up to you and are like 'IS THAT A GAMEBOY??? WHY ARE YOU ON A GAMEBOY HERE???'

    Only con's I can think of is T-mobile don't really update the catalog, we don't have quarter as many applications as the americans.. msn messenger isn't on it yet even though it was supposed to be by now, but you can log on it online so it's not that big of a deal!

    & if you do decide to get it crystalled then some UK sites for you are.. &
  9. I love the SK .... been waiting to get the SK3.... but not sure after reading the bad experiences yall had and specially since they do not come w/ alarm, calculator, etc. I use these a lot .... I wonder if the older models were design w/o them??? Regarding the stones: I think they look pretty cool but they are like 300 plus the phone .... i dont know....
  10. LOVE IT! It's so convienient with AIM, EMAIL, unlimited text and internet. LOVE IT!!
  11. My SK2 & 3 both have alarms & calculators, you have to download them from the catalog though, but it's free!
  12. I love mine. but I only use it for texting/aim/email
    i have a cingular phone for calling
  13. I used to had a Sdekick 2 and thought it was a little too bulky for some of my purses so went and got a pink razr.. Liked the razr but missed all the funtions of a sidekick so a few weeks ago I went and got a Sidekick 3. I just buy bigger purses now!!! lol.
  14. I also wanted to add that there are tons of phones that offer much more than the Sidekick, so do some research prior to buying!
  15. I have a Sidekick 3.

    It is a good phone if you text alot