Sidekick III?


you came to me
Mar 12, 2006
I'm thinking of getting rid of the trusty black RAZR I've had for the past year and a half and purchasing some sort of smartphone. I'm with Cingular now, but my contract's way up... Also, their data plans are way too expensive to entertain upgrading to a smartphone. Text messaging is also a complete rip-off through them.

So T-Mobile's looking really nice, and the SKIII is looking especially nifty. I love, love, love e-mail and txting and iming, but I don't do it now b/c it's so expensive with Cingular. HOWEVER, I'm relocating to a new state in a few months and I know I'll need to be able to use whatever phone I have to make long-distance calls fairly often (to home, to family, etc). Is the SKIII a decent enough phone (voicewise) to rely on for calls like that? Everything else about it has sold me, but the reviews I've read say the actual voice capabilities are weak.

I wonder if I should just get a blackberry? :shrugs:
I have the new BlackBerry Pearl from Tmobile....and I LOVE IT!!!! It has upgraded a lot from the previous BB generations...and so small and slick!!!

The only Con about it....since I'm on it non stop...BatteryLife...doesn't meet up to par...but besides that....its TWO THUMBS UP for me!!!
I'm not too familiar with the Sidekick, but I have the Blackberry 8700 and I LOVE it! It's great for emailing, texting, web-browsing, etc. I can even get my dose of TPF when I'm away from my computer!

Before I purchased the Blackberry, I was considering getting a Sidekick as well. However, after a little research, I found that the Sidekick can't open email document attachments that are in Word, PDF, etc. The Blackberry can, so I opted for the Blackberry and it's been GREAT! Maybe you should speak with someone at T-Mobile- they're really helpful and can give you the pros and cons of each device.

Good luck!