Sidekick ii or CANADA?

  1. hii everyone

    i really REALLY want a sidekick ii or sidekick iii :yahoo: , but i live in CANADA, :upsidedown: and i'm on a ROGER WIRELESS [the canadian rogers] plan.

    does anyone know if i can just swap the sim card from phone to phone? or do sidekicks not work with my provider?

    thanks in advance!

    :heart: barbie.
  2. Sidekicks are a tmobile product only
  3. so they dont work AT ALL with other providers then?
  4. Yah you can swith the SIM in Canada its called a HipTop2 (same thing as the Sidekick)...have you had one or tried one before? I had one and I didn't like it at all! Maybe the newer version is better?
  5. i've tried my friends (from the states) and i reallllly want one!

    where do i go about getting the hiptop2?!
  6. I think you can unlocked T-mobile sidekick..
  7. Tmobile doesn't give unlock codes anymore, sorry but I'm not sure how you could do it. You could try to call tmobile or danger or logging into the hiptop forums and asking there?

    Hiptop forums: :: Index
  8. I got mine from my Fido Dealer.
  9. I got my razr unlocked when I called Tmobile bc I was traveling overseas for vacation & wanted to use it there w/ a cheaper service. It was really easy. My whole family did it w/o any problems.
  10. lol, I know they used to it. I'm simply restating what has been said in the sidekicks' communities of the people who have been trying to get unlock codes recently.

    Anyhow, good luck with that, LOL ;)
  11. Fido used to carry Sidekick II, called HipTop2 in Canada but unfortunately that, along with the unlimited plan went along with it.
  12. I got my sidekick 2008 gecko unlock from cellularclinic. they are in canada.
    I walked in there store they unlocked with in 5 minutes. I am using on fido danger server. working fine.
  13. There are MUCH better phones out there. The sidekick 3 is what...3 years old now?? I'd keep shopping around.
    Also, you can't run a T-Mo Sidekick on any other network than T-Mo. It's not like a Blackberry or HTC phone where you can simply unlock and swap SIMs.