Sidekick 3 What do you all think?

  1. So I switched to Tmobile and got the new Sidekick 3. I'm thinking of returning it and getting the MDA instead. I can't hear the person I'm talking to with the volume up high. I'm wondering if anyone else out there is having the same problem?

    Also I love to take photos w/my phone and send them to my friends phones. This phone doesn't do that :hysteric: So far it has not bothered me but that is one thing I just like to do. while I'm out shopping, if i find something good I think a friend will like. I will usually take a photo and send it to thema nd then ask them if they want me to pick it up for them. With the Sidekick I can only email the photos.

    Other then these 2 things I think the Sidekick is great and easy to use.

    What do you guys think I should do?
    I hate wearing a headset, even if it does help with the volume.

  2. hey! I LOVE my sidekick 3!! It works perfectly for me, because im a major text person.... I hate talking on the phone so I text most of the time. Idk, i guess it really just depends on what you need in a phone!
  3. I don't have that problem. I do have a problem where my alarm does not work consistently though. Woke up late today because of it =(
  4. hmmm maybe mine is defective about the volume. I think I'm going to stop by Tmobile and ask.
  5. Please don't be insulted, but are you sure you're holding the correct end up to your ear? Everyone I know who's used my sidekick, and even a friend who owns one, instinctively put the wrong end up to their ear. A friend bought a SK and called me from her regular phone, all confused because she couldn't hear anyone she was calling, because she was holding it upside down.
    I like my SK3 a lot more than my SK2, though I'm peeved that my ringtones and applications haven't all made the transition, and that I had to pay for everything all over again. The increased internet and processor speed and the way better keyboard make up for it, though. I also like the scroll ball better than the old wheel, and the size is much more comfortable in my hand.
  6. Thats true! When I first got my SK2, I had that problem for the first couple of times I used the phone =)
  7. I absolutely love my sidekick.I like to text my friends and I don't usually use the phone, so it's perfect for me.
  8. Do you all like it much better than the sk2? I was thinking of just buying one of the older ones off ebay since they are cheaper now.
  9. Oh one more question! I was looking at the Juicy edition of the phone & was wondering if you can change the background or does it always have to have that cartoon woman holding her phone as the wallpaper?
  10. The Only Thing Differentfrom The Sk2 Andthe The Scroll Ball And Bluetooth, Andmp3.
  11. (I THINK) that for ALL of the sidekicks, you can change the background, but those cartoon people are still there. (well thats how my sk3 is)
  12. I have the MDA and love it! For me the the keyboard was easier navigate. Plus the touch screen is awesome. Volume on the MDA is great - the speakerphone is 100% better than the one on my previous phone. The camera aspect of the phone has more settings than the SKIII and as you mentioned has the ability to send via MMS. My friend has the SKIII and we were comparing them to eachother. I am probably biased but I like the set up of the MDA. It has windows mobile so that it is set up just like my PC at home. I also like the fact that I have word/excell/powerpoint applications so that when people send me email attachments in these formats I can open them, edit and send back. To me this is the best phone on the market.
  13. The SK3 is so expensive right now so I was looking to just buy an older one for cheaper...I'm just not sure which will be worth the money....
  14. MBA is WAYYYY NICER & rather more professional looking!
  15. The MDA will also be expensive though because I am not due for an upgrade. I was looking to just buy the sk2 from a friend.