Sidekick 3 owners, please help!

  1. Today I got my brand new Sidekick 3 and so far I love it! :yahoo: However, when I tried to put music on it, it would only hold 9 songs then said it was full. If that wasn't weird enough it also said there was only room for 14 pictures or so. So, I deleted all 9 songs, but now I'm left wondering, how do I add more than nine songs? Please help me out! :sad:
  2. You need a bigger memory card.
    I bought a 2 giga memory card at best buy and it holds a LOT of pictures & songs now!! ;)

    Also, about the pictures: check the size and quality you have them set up at. I think I have mine set up at the largest pictures with the best resolution. So if you want more pics, you may want to make them smaller!
  3. Ok so I brought it up at hiphop forums (official sidekick forums) and these are the relevant things said:

    "I e-mailed T-Mobile Customer Service about it. THis is what they replied with:
    'We are aware of strong magnet in Sidekick 3.
    It will not be a good idea to keep your credit cards/debit cards with
    Sidekick 3 as it might interact with the magnetic strip.'


    "Why does everyone think this is new, the SK2 came with the exact same warning. Also almost anything with a magnet comes with that warning. your not suppose to put your card near your tv or crt computer monitor either but people still do. ANYTHING with a magnetic field has the ability to wipe your credit card, just very rare in weaker magnets."

    Conclusion: It could wipe it if you leave your credit card next to it for days and are extremely careless about it. And don't freak out because every weak magnet comes with that warning. Also, no one was able to lift the fork in
  4. Thank you so much! :smile: I'm glad you mentioned to check the size and quality, fixing that definitely helps.

    Heh, I had a momentary freak out that I had ruined the card last night. Needless to say, I'm glad it's not just me being crazy or completely Sidekick impaired, lol.

    Thanks for the link evolkatie, and to fr2nc1z for checking out how dangerous the magnets on it can be.