Sideburns, anyone?

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  1. My hair grows in little wisps around my temples and in front of my ears. When I was a pre-teen I experimented with shaving the "sideburn" hair off, but then it just grew back in at the same length, and really did look like sideburns. I've looked at other women's faces, and they just seem naturally not to have hair there. Someone once mentioned to me that it makes me look European, and I am of mixed European ancestry. I don't really like it, but shaving it just makes it look fake to me, and I don't want to get stuck having to shave my face all the time. I "solved" the problem by wearing my hair down, covering my ears. Now my hair is really long, and I often pull it back to keep it neat and from blowing all over the place in the wind, so I've been thinking about my "sideburns" a lot lately. What are people's thoughts on this? Is it really unusual for women to have some hair growing in front of their ears, or does everybody shave and I didn't get the memo? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
  2. I think it is really common for a person to pick on a personal "flaw". I have these too and when I was in middle school I was teased ridiculously about my hair... I also have hairy arms, legs, well hair everywhere. I have shaved my sideburns off, I have waxed them.. etc but I agree that it gives a "fake" look. It just seemed more unnatural to not have them, than for them to actually be there.
  3. Exactly... you can tell by looking that there's no hair whatsoever there (when shaved), not even the normal little peach fuzz everyone has.
  4. ^ haha i know. then you feel sort of naked. i dont know i think its something you just learn to embrace. i used to wear my hair down all the time for this reason.. oh and cause i have hair on my back (its fairly light, but still noticeable)... but as the years have passed i just stopped thinking about it. i mean.. if someone is staring at you hard enough to notice every hair on your face.. then they have issues, not you.
  5. I have them but it's not as long as the rest of my hair and is a bit finer than my real hair. I got teased by someone in high school and was really self conscious for a while, but luckily I have a relatively short attention span and kinda put it to the back of my mind.

    If it bothers you that much, you can try laser hair removal. I wouldn't shave that area. Once you start, it'll be way too high maintenance to upkeep.
  6. I have them, as well as hair on my whole face (unforunately!), and I get my face threaded every few weeks. With this, my sideburns are gone.
  7. I'm super pale with a little peach fuzz that's super light as well in a sideburn area, and I had my aethestician do a test strip waxing on one part of my face to see how it would grow back when she was doing my usual brow/bikini waxing.

    I have to admit at first it felt super naked, and I was worried how putting on foundation my irritate the skin further...and if I would get puffy or how the growout would come in.

    Luckily, it's all good and the growout is very sparse and not dark or bristly. I may have her do both sides next time...
  8. You can get it permanetly removed with electrolysis.
  9. I have lots of hair on my face and I have it all waxed once a month. I've been doing it for years and it does grow back less over time.
  10. Thanks for your replies. :smile: I will probably go on living with it for now because of the expense and bother of having it removed. I just recently heard about threading; that may be the way to go if it continues to bother me. I only think about it every few months, but then I get a little focused on it for awhile. :smile: Thanks, again.