Side Ties on the Neverful

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  1. Do the side strings on the Neverful stay cinched up or are they constantly sliding down?
  2. when I tried it on, the straps were really stiff, not sure if they will ease up after use, not sure!
  3. It will stay cinched if you dont overstuff the bag to give it a reason to "give out" if you know what I mean.

    The side ties dont slide down on their own, only with pressure
  4. Yeah I agree with Jen. I looked at them in the store and they seemed to stay up without any problems.
  5. Thanks for the answers. I have also been wondering about this.
  6. They probably will. ALmost everything LV puts out except the hardware and hard cased will start to soften quite alot.
  7. I think over time they slide down, if it becomes an issue I would loop them so they dont.

    I have been thinking about this bag in the pm size to replace my monogram speedy.
  8. I also was wondering about this as leather does tend to soften quite a bit with time and use and this could be an issue with this bag, hmmm...
  9. I just went in yesterday and asked the SA this very same question! She said that as of right now the loops are so stiff that there is no way they'd slide. She said she wasn't sure how they would react over time.

    It's definitely something that is holding me back from buying this bag, even though I really love it! I tried on the MM and it was perfect!!
  10. I have a major issue with the side ties on my Neverfull MM staying cinched. I don't overfill my bag, but usually carry a vernis zippy wallet, mono cosmetics pouch, checkbook, sunglasses, keys, and papers. It seems that whenever the items shift toward one side of the bag they put pressure on the sides causing the ties to loosen open. I am constantly fixing the ties. If the bag is just sitting (as it is under my desk all day), no problems. I'm a big fan of unstructured bags, so it hasn't soured me on this particular bag, but it can be a bit annoying.
  11. ^^ perhaps using a purseket in your neverfull will help.

    I plan on getting this bag to replace my speedy 25, i'm going to get the pm, i'm sure i'll use a purseket in it and i'll tie the side strings so that it keeps that closed shape.

  12. I agree and not just with the sliders on the sides, but also the straps. I've seen older speedies where the handles have stretched out, and I'm wondering if the straps will do the same...affecting durability? Hmm...sorry, I don't want to come off as pessimistic, but just because there's a 200-400 lb test on these bags, it takes a LOT to convince me otherwise. :nogood: I'm still going to look at the damier ebene ones, though!!! :lol:

  13. Agree! I've been carrying my Neverfull MM all this week and the same thing is happening to me. I wish there was a way to "clip" the sliders from sliding without damaging the leather ties. But, I still love the bag. And, I think it's my imagination but even though I carry the same stuff in all of my LV bags, the Neverfull just seems to be lighter for some reason! (I must be crazy!)
  14. I never even considered that in things to think about in using the neverfull
  15. I bought the neverfull GM because I wanted something really large for travel (and they don't make the cabas alto I wanted anymore). It reminds me of a beach bag. The bag is generally a "softer" unstructured bag. I think its thinner than the speedy due to the thinner fabric lining. I personally couldn't see myself using it in the PM or MM as a handbag because of this....I don't feel like the contents are totally secure with this bag design. But it's a great tote/beach/shopping type bag.
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