side swept bangs?

  1. Do you have to have your bangs cut differently to do this style or do you just train them to do it?
  2. I just had my hair cut and I had to have them cut that way, but maybe if you grow them out and then part your hair a certain way you could achieve the look :smile:
  3. I got my hair cut into side swept bangs. Usually you grow your hair out (with a side part) then just get the front section you want to be your bangs, cut the right length.
  4. I'm going to do it, I've decided to lose the length in front and get some longer side swept the question is, how do I ask my stylist to do it in such a way that they look full and actually go to the side across my forehead? I go to a good, but small town stylist whom I trust, but I've never asked her to do something new on me...

    Then..any tricks to doing the bangs in the morning? Or favorite ways to wear your hair with bangs??

  5. I always wanted bangs... when I was young I tried to cut my hair into bangs...

    Sorry, I have nothing to contribute to this thread.. :lol:
  6. Show her a picture! I like to to my hair half up half down with a poof with my side bangs :smile:
  7. For my side bangs, in the morning I try to blow dry and straighten them the way I want. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. My hair dresser uses some type of "butter" substance, I guess I could call it. I don't know what it is, but you might want to ask your stylist if there's any products that she recommends to keep your bangs together. HTH.
  8. I blow dry my bangs straight out of the shower when my hair is soaking wet. I just part my hair, use a fine toothed comb to make it go to the side, and then blow dry downwards in the direction of where I want my bangs to sit. I usually have my bangs cut a little short (below the eyebrow) because they'll eventually grow to where I want them to be in about 2 weeks (right at the cheekbone).
  9. Take in a picture for your stylist.
    I have long, side-swept bangs. I comb the bangs the way I want them when my hair is still wet. Then I blow dry in that direction. I follow up with my flat iron to smooth and give them a little curl at the bottom (I flat iron all my hair and curl the ends under slightly so that it's a bit Jennifer Anniston-ish).
  10. yup get a picture of how u actually wnt it...then u can "train" ur bangs hahah thats wut i did..i just parted to the side where i want it and bobby pin it to that side be4 i head to pix when u do get them!!
  11. Thanks ladies - so far I have a few pics to take with me - I want her to go far enough back on my head so that they are full and not sparse, but not too far that half my head is bangs...kwim?
  12. You should better take a pic to your stylist. I have a straight across fringe that comes out almost from the crown of my head and you wouldn't believe how many stylists it took me to get it done right. They would make a face when I said I wanted it cut from so high! Until I took a picture of Lily Allen and made one more fashion forward stylist do it. So yeah.. take a picture with you!
  13. Hope it turns out to be good on you!... I tried it, and i look like a fool with bangs. LOL! it makes me look really awkward and really juvenile. i guess ill stick with a bare forehead. sorry i am of no help !
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    I use a brush and brush them out to where I want them to lay and dry them that way using the brush to add some lift (but not like kimmy gibler on full house). If they look a little too big or poufy, then I'll use a flat iron to make them lay a little more flat. Like xlana, I have my bangs cut to about my eyebrow because they seem to grow out to just where I like them within a few weeks. My bangs definitely aren't sparse but they don't take up half my head either - it took a couple times of getting them trimmed and shaped until they were just right.

    Be sure to post pictures after you get them done!

    ETA: To answer your other question... there are tons of ways to wear side swept bangs - if they are cut just right you can wear them as a more blunt bang (usually in the first week or so if you get them cut to eyebrow level), a side bang, clip them back in a pompadour, dry them so you can't really tell you have any bangs, push them back behind a headband, leave them in front of a headband - all different looks. Bangs can be so versatile and really change a person's whole face/look.
  15. LOL - I've had them before, so I know they looked ok, its been quite awhile though, and back then I clipped them back all the time since I was in college and didnt want to do them...