Side Straps on Zoe - Curling on Bottom and Sticking Out

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  1. Has anybody else had an issue with ends of their Zoe's side straps curling and sticking out? I took it to the Coach store and the SA said she has a belt that does that too. (Not sure what that answer was - probably to try and placate me.) It's the worst on my sig Zoe but it looks like the patent may do it too after wearing for a while.

    I hate it and think it looks terrible to have the ends sticking out. :tdown:
  2. Can you post a picture? What size? I have had an all leather, large, Zoe for a couple of weeks now with no issues but have seen them on the floor with something like you describe. What a bummer.
  3. I can take a picture and post later (I'm at work). My sig Zoe is a medium and patent is large. Doubtful the size has any affect on the straps curling.
  4. I actually saw a woman carrying a large chocolate leather Zoe today that had the same issue. I have the same exact size/color bag and do not have this problem. I really weigh down my bag though, so I think it causes the sides to pull in a bit more, which may keep the straps from curling. This woman I saw hardly had anything in her bag, just a small cosmetic case and mini skinny (yeah I was checking out her accessories as she was paying, LOL).
  5. Could it be from resting the bag upright? As if the bag slinks down and causes the bottoms of the straps to contact the table or chair or whatever, and over time this causes them to be pressed outward? Does that explanation make sense? Definitely want to see a pic of this when you get a chance...
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    Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. I have two Zoes (denim/siggy medium and black leather XL) and neither one has that issue. I carried my denim only once and I've carried my XL for almost two weeks. I hope this won't be a regular issue because I love my Zoes.

    Hmmmm...I always store my two Zoes in their sleepers and then lying flat. I never leave them standing up. I usually try to give my bag some time to air on a door knob after the day and then it gets tucked away in the sleeper by nightfall if it's completely dry. If I have my XL Zoe out and sitting on the chair, it tends to lean back and never sits up because it's just so darned huge. Sometimes I just lie it flat like a pancake on a flat surface.
  7. When in use, I've always sat mine upright on a storage basket. :shrugs: I used Zoe for 2 months straight when I first got her, so she definitely got some wear time.
  8. I would like to know if this has happened to more people. I would consider selling mine to fund a different chocolate brown leather bag if this happens over time. How sad because the Zoe is so classic/beautiful.
  9. i had to check mine immediately when i read this thread.... mine aren't curling... thank goodness... *phew*

    i will keep an eye on it though! when i'm using my zoe... i leave it sitting upright on my desk (i like to look at her and the ox!) and at home whichever purse i'm using (eight zoe or the legacy flap) sits on the table or rocking chair in our computer room....)
  10. Just went and checked my Large leather platinum Zoe and the straps are not curled, but I also put the buckle in the middle hole rather than in the tightest one like it was when she arrived. Does that make sense? That pulled the bottom of the belt strap up a little bit higher making it harder for it to come in contact with the floor or counter.

    Try that and see if it shortens your straps at all.
  11. I forgot to grab my Zoe when I left for work but I'll take a pic of her later and post it.

    I tried to move the buckle to the middle hole but then the brass thingy that goes into the hole sticks out straight. Funny though, I have my large patent Zoe with me and I can move those buckles to the middle hole (and those straps aren't sticking out). I wonder if there's something wrong with my zig Zoe...
  12. Any update on the pics? I'd really like to see what this looks like.
  13. I took these pictures this morning. It's worse on one side so that's all I photographed. This is after about 1 month's use. I've tried to 'train' the strap not to stick out but it's not working. I've been really careful with my purse and the the strap ends, making sure they're tucked under if I set it on my car seat. Any suggestions?

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  14. double sided tape?? although I dont think it would stick well with the jaquard fabric....:nogood:
  15. The straps on my mini Zoe don't do that. Your purse looks defective to me. I'd call Coach and see if they'll give you a new one.