Side by side pics of Vert Gazon and Emerald??

  1. Hey Gals,

    Does anyone by any chance have both a pic of both vert gazon and emerald side by side???

    I'm in a time crunch and must decide :sweatdrop:

    THANKS!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Okay girlfriend, I am so down with what you need here. I, however do not have such pics. Let me tell you this, Emerald is lovely, but hard to find one that isn't super veiny. The VG city w/ rh that I bought from BALNY is phenom. The leather, texture, everthing. VG is THE most amazing green I have ever seen from Balenciaga!
  3. This is the photo that Daphne took of mine @ balny, sorry that I don't have a better pic.

  4. Shasta my dear: you and that Apple City are what got my head spinning about green!! :nuts:

    I actually bought an Emerald First today @ NM to take it home and see how it works with my wardrobe: and it's lovely!! But I am getting addicted to the bright colors and so wondered about Vert :shrugs:

    anyway, here is the Emerald from today:

  5. i sold my apple city actually, it was too much for me. The VG, for me, is a much more year 'round color.
  6. no way!!! :wtf:

    Sigh, now I really am confused as to which green to get!!

  7. I'm soory to dissapoint. The Vert Gazon is insanely gorge IRl. I seriously think that you should go for it. Cracker convinced me w/ good reason, it is so beautiful IRL.
  8. anyone have a pic of VG first??
  9. I saw Vg IRL and it was TDF. All they had was a vg city with GH. I would have jumped on it if it had rh. I have never seen emerald IRL though so I am slightly biased.
  10. Here is a picture of Vert Gazon part time...I haven't seen Emerald irl so I am not much of a help. But Vert Gazon is definitly true grass green.

  11. Here's a pic for you! Look at the leather -- it's so First.


  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I so LOVE this bag!!!! I can't believe I sold mine. But I just called Daphne yesterday and she's shipping me another one today!!!! I hope it looks just like this one. I LOVE VG!!! :heart:

    Hmwe........go for VG, there will be no's gorgey!:love:
  13. Here ya go. There's a photo in natural light (it's early here, as you know) and then one with the overhead lights on; none are taken with flash. HTH!


  14. WOW! Definitely a stark contrast between the two. Excellent photos, luv! You're my Emerald Day twin...:smile:
  15. Here are pictures of *jem*'s Emerald Work and Vert Gazon First...