Side By Side Pics - LE Magenta And 05 Magenta

  1. The LE Magenta is on the left in all pics, my beloved 05 on the right.

    What do you think?



  2. I love them! The '05 looks terrific, probably because it's more worn in. But I bet the '07 will get there (even better than it already is!). Color is so similar. I think I prefer the '07 in color.
  3. I love your 05 Magenta both color & leather wise.
  4. Lovely! The 05 looks pinker, the 07 more purple.
  5. the original AND a back-up..... what a wise woman. :rolleyes:

    Love the colors..... I can see a slight difference in the two. I like the '05 more ~ it seems much more vibrant and just pops.
  6. beautiful! although i think i like the 05 magenta more...
  7. Gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous! The new magentas have amaaaaazing leather and the unfaded colour is refreshing to see!
  8. thanks for the comparison pix! was wondering about it.. it does look more pink than 05 magenta
  9. All of the LE magentas look so different! I like the color of yours but some other posted photos look too light/not saturated enough IMHO. Maybe it's the cameras?
    Both of your magentas are beautiful the new one definitely is more veiny as opposed to the smoother 05. And the 05 is pinker as opposed to the more purpley pink in the LE.
    I really love both but if I had to choose I would pick the 05!
  10. These are really great comparison pics of the magenta bags. I have to say that based on these photos, I like the 05 bag a bit more. If they weren't side-by-side, however, I don't think that I would be able to tell them apart.
  11. would you say that the pictures of the 08 are an accurate representation of the color in real life?
  12. i prefer the O5 :smile:
  13. Great comparison pics. Thank you! :tup:
    Contrary to what some others see, I see more pink in the new magenta and I think it is less veiny than the '05. So far the pics of the new ones seem distressed but not veiny.
    I prefer the new ones. Had I known they would look like they do, I would never have cancelled. I always found the '05 with it's shiny surface a little too *loud* for me.
  14. The pics are showing the color very true to life. My 05 has spectacular leather, very much like silk...I think it has much more depth to the color and is more saturated.

    The 07 is a beautiful color but to my eye, it's more pink than purple. The 05 Magenta is a gorgeous mix of pink and purple.

    And the 07 LE leather is much more "crinkly" and not as soft. Again, a beautiful bag, just different fron the original magenta.
  15. IThey are both pretty but I like the '05 better...The leather is smoother and not as veiny...IMO the '05 has more Pink in it but they are all different. That's why we like to look at pics on the PF...:tender: