Side by side comparison...

  1. I put my Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in beige caviar leather next to my new noce pyramid bag and the difference in quality and workmanship is significantly different (or so it would seem to me). I LOVE Chanel, and in fact, I don't think the GST is one of their better items (the classic flaps, 2.55, are beautiful and well-made) but it just really made me love BV that much more. I am such a convert, it's unbelievable!

    And yet, on one's arm, from a distance, it can be difficult for other people to experience just how beautiful a BV bag is. Chanel indicates to the world its quality through the massive logo stuck onto the Grand Shopping Tote. It must assumed that it's well-made and beautiful (which, relatively, it is)... BV's is a more private luxury, it seems. While beautiful, I think it's something you have to touch and wear to experience to the fullest.

    I have never had any bags but Chanel bags my whole life. I went straight to Chanel when I bought my first designer bag, but I guess it's onto a new phase! I will still enjoy and use my Chanel bags but I'm infactuated with BV.


    I hope you don't mind my musing!! It's so slow in here that I thought there's no harm in adding another post...
  2. I love both Intlset, I have more Chanel than BV and although I know many people have posted threads about Chanel quality and craftmanship, I've never had any problems with Chanel as a brand and each piece I own looks as good as the first time I bought it.
  3. ^^^
    That's interesting, Syma. I have both a petite shopping tote and the grand shopping tote. I've had the petite for well over... gosh... 5 years now? The gold plate hasn't tarnished or worn away. Yet on my GST which is barely one year old, some of the silver beneath the gold is visible.

    I, too, love Chanel. I don't think I will buy anything but evening bags from them from now on, though, like the classic flaps. BUT I may very well eat my words because I still love the medallion tote.
  4. I never thought that much about BV when I was younger, just always remembered and appreciated their brilliant tag line "when your own initials are enough".
    More than 15 years ago, I found a BV clutch on sale at Neiman's for $300. It's an unusual piece for them, a fold-over navy clutch. I bought it because the leather was so soft, and still is today! And at that time I thought I shouldn't spend so much money!
    Didn't think about BV again for a long time, and then was in the Wailea store about 5 years ago and bought the cabat the first season it came out, and fell completely for the quality of the material and the workmanship.
    I've bought a couple of Prada bags since, because those particular bags have leather as soft as BV nappa, but other than that, have no interest in an other label. Every season that goes by I'm more and more impressed with the quality!