side by side comparison of deep violet and concord

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  1. Anyone has side by side comparison pictures of concord and deep violet? I think deep violet is a limited color only available by Luna Boston for 2008 spring. I'm really interested in how close they are. Thus a comparison of the two from fellow tpfers will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Deep violet is nothing like the concord if that' what you're asking. Unfortunately I don't have a side by side picture but you can find pictures of both bags on this forum.

    The deep violet is a very dark.. saturated purple and a slightly glazed and in some areas pebbled leather.. it truly is a beautiful leather! Some may throw stones when I say this but the deep violet almost reminds me of a balenciaga color due to how "alive" it is..

    The concord is a blue-ish purple that looks a whole lot like our old "Nite Blue" leather and has the same distressed and almost bubbly leather. Very squishy leather that gets puddly after some use. This purple is not nearly a dark as the deep violet.

    Hope this helps! If you still have more questions let us know..
  3. Hi mockinglee, I actually posted the picture on that thread but that's deep purple not deep violet.

    Thanks littlerock80, I talked to luna boston and they said the concrod has a lots of veins and waves, almost wrinkly. She also said that the panels varies in color and will never match. Is that how you may describe it as well?
  4. Whoops, sorry, I misread! I love the deep violet. I wish they would make deep violet Nikkis.