SiCKO by Michael Moore

  1. Agree or disagree with his prior work, but this movie is absolutely brilliant and on the spot. I encourage everyone to get to the theaters and see it. :yes:

    (I know it's not out yet... the powers of the internet allowed Megs and I to watch it tonight)

    Edit: Google video link here:
  2. What's it about?
  3. Universal healthcare.

    Watch the movie at Google here.
  4. The movie sure makes me want to move back to Europe.
  5. is this the one about the Pharmaceutical COs?
  6. I've seen the reviews and I want/don't want to see it. I've seen Michael Moore's other movies and read his books. I really like the man. I went to a lecture where he spoke back when I was in grad school. He gave a great talk and then while people were waiting in line to get books signed he showed a rough cut of Bowling for Columbine!

    When I got upfront to see him, he graciously agreed to pose for a pic with him. He seems like he genuinely care for people.

    I know his movie is going to be good, but I know at the same time it will drive me crazy, because I've been worried about our health care system for years. I lived in Germany growing up, so I really feel sad when I think about our current system. I know the German system isn't perfect, but still.

    As for pharmaceutical industry.... It is outrageous how much the drug industry makes. Yes, I've heard the about the cost of research, but I've also heard the flip side of the parties and conference held and the lavishness of the affairs. Yes, I understand about drug businesses being in it for profit, but still...this is about people's lives.
  7. Will watch it this evening
  8. I´ve heard great things about it and will watch it when it hits theathers.
  9. I can't wait to see this.
  10. If it's anything like Bowling for Columbine, I absolutely want to see it. It was several years after the Columbine tragedy and the release of BFC before I actually saw the movie, but when I did.....I'm getting chills right now thinking about it.

    People can say what they like about Michael Moore, but I think the man is brilliant. He calls it like it is. I think that's why people DON'T like him: hearing the truth always makes people very, very nervous.
  11. if it's the one about the Pharma Co's, I have 1st hand knowledge that a LOT of his info is warped.
    I won't say anymore, but like any other 'documentary' it's a one-sided view, makes for compelling TV, but doesn't mean what you see is the truth.

    BTW, the Pharma CO's are not allowed to entertain like they used to, the FDA is VERY strict about how much $ and on whom they can spend it on now.
  12. The movie was hands down amazing. It was more about the healthcare system in general than just pharma corps- and much of the info is very true. It is very true that we have a really awful healthcare system here, which is so sad. The amount of people turned down, thrown out, not treated is sickening... and I know about a lot of this first hand.

    The baby that I told everyone about that was very sick- he got moved out of the NICU before the Dr's wanted him too, because their insurance kicked him out. His dad runs a hospital and mom has a great SVP position at a job- and he was still kicked out when he NEEDED the NICU.

    My Aunt was thrown out after a major surgery, when the Dr's said she needed at least 1 week in the hospital, after 3 days. Insurance called and said it was fine if she stayed, but would cost $16k a day.

    Both of these situations happened since Feb 2007. It is just so sad.
  13. Yep, I can't wait to see the film.
    In Canada, we have a health care system that is criticized by some, but it is way better than the US system.
    I always enjoy Micheal Moore's work, even TV Nation.
  14. ^ He talks about Canadian Healthcare being much better than our system... and it is true, sad but true