Sick sick Sick ebay guide

  1. I cannot believe this.
    Well, some of you may know that I have been obsessing for almost one month now over my purchase of a 35 cm gold togo birkin from a third party reseller.
    I know there are people out there who do not believe me but I had the bag authenticated orally by the craftsman in NYC before I bought it but, neverthless, I still obsess(to the point of insanity) over its authenticity daily (buyer's remorse I guess):sad::confused1:. (This slight diversion explains the remainder of my post!)

    Well, I have been looking on eBay to try to compare my bag to the fakes and I came across this "guide" by desiremall which makes fakes. The guide gives a step by step instruction and detailed description on how they make their fakes better than anyone else and shows pictures!
    I cannot believe that eBay allows this. Is there anything we can do to get it removed? It made me sick to my stomach and according to their feedback, people buy the bags! That made me even sicker!
  2. they should rot in hell. they make bags out of manta rays and horses, I shuddder to think of were they get their croc and ostrich. I have reported them to eBay and Hermes. it is a travesty.
  3. First of all, Congrats on your new Birkin (it must be gorgeous in Gold Togo)!
    Take it easy, get out there and enjoy your authenticated (!)Birkin :yes: IRL. Love yourself and save your nerves. There's a life outside eBay and it's grand :yahoo:.
    IMHO as long as each one of us Hermes-lovers will acquire our bags and all from H store or respectful resellers, we'll be just fine and happy.
    Of course, there will always be other people who are care-less or those who don't care if it's a fake. As someone on this forum said: to each his own.
  4. Thanks Aminamina. I know I should stop because pretty soon my nerves are going to be shot over this! It was a wedding anniversary present that my hubby agreed to "let" me get and I just wish I could be satisfied with the oral representation from the craftsman at the store but I will always have doubts having not bought it from the store or a TPF recommended seller! there is always a next time though (hubby just does not know it yet)

    Anyway, how do you report to ebay? They use horses?? I am mortified!
  5. I think those butchers should be reported to Greenpeace.
    As for your new Birkin, why worry? It WAS authenticated by the craftsman in Hermes NYC, right? If diagnosed by this H-Doctor you don't need to look for a second opinion.
    Make your next Hermes purchase in the same NYC H-store proudly carrying your Gold Togo Birkin ;)
  6. Aminamina, you are right! It was authenticated by the H-Doctor and I should not worry. Thanks
    I will wear it proudly and when shopping for my next, which I think will be a JPG since I love the shoulder straps, I will make it in the store (not third party resale) just so I dont put myself through the buyers remorse part!
  7. Makes me sick to think of Horses being exploited for ANY use!
  8. If the craftsman says that it is the real deal you should rest easy. If he doesn't know his stuff then nobody else in the world does. Just to make double sure though you could take the bag to spa - if it comes back aglow you'll know twice over that all is well.
  9. I agree-sending ur bag away for reconditioning would really put ur mind at rest!
  10. Bleh I can't believe ebay would allow that..:tdown:
  11. I am really upset over this horses thing-I cannot believe this and hope to do something about it. I am writing a scathing email right now!
    Wanted to thank all of the ladies who are putting my mind at ease! I know that bringing it for a spa would make me rest easier but I am afraid that the craftsman will say, Ah, its you again, sorry I made a mistake and we cannot accept this bag for spa, it is fake! I have such a crazy imagination!
  12. Between this and the site with the stolen pics:cursing:
    Rotting in hell would be too nice for these people.
  13. I TOTALLY AGREE!! Horrible. :tdown::cursing::throwup:
  14. I hate DesireMall. It's based in HK. I hate what they are doing but the saddest thing of all, their copies do NOT bear the Hermes Made in Paris stamp, and that makes them untouchable.

    I did an authentication guide of the Lindy that they have, and sent it to my manager a few weeks ago. So she is aware of this site's unethical business.
  15. I'm not sure I understand the OP's line of thought. If she has buyer's remorse or obsessions about the authenticity of her H bag, shouldn't she get in touch with the reseller who sold her the bag in the first place? I'm not sure how getting worked up about another seller of lookalike/inspired birkins is going to help her?

    If I were her, I'd make immediate contact with the reseller to find out who owned it before her, for how long, how many hands did it exchange, etc. If psychologically having a a third party H bag is not going to hack it for her, then I recommend she return it to the original seller and place an order at the H boutique. And if it came to getting rid of the bag if the reseller refuses to refund -- I don't think(?) she could/should sell this bag to someone else in good conscience if she is not 100% secure that it is genuine H..... just my thoughts.