Sick puppy...

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  1. I wanted to post this quickly to see if anyone has any ideas. As of yesterday, my dog started going to the bathroom more than usual- like 3- 4 times yesterday and I would not call it diarrhea, but everything was not normal. He ate breakfast yesterday, but turned down dinner. He's turned down food today too. He's been eating ice, that I've been giving him b/c he is not drinking as much as usual. He's playing a little, but very sleepy. He just looks like he feels like crap and I can hear his little belly rumbling at times.

    I tried making him chicken and rice last night and he would not touch it. I plan on taking him into the vet on Tuesday if he won't eat at all tomorrow, b/c I talked to my mom and she said to let him go 24 hours or so and if he doesn't work it out, then take him in. A lot of vet site said the same.

    I think he may have gotten too much "people" food over Thanksgiving- he usually only eats meat w/ his dog food, eggs occasionally, and cheese. I've got a mom that feeds dogs human food. Any ideas to help him feel better, other than what I've done?

    I'm hoping he works it out on his own, I know puppies have sensitive stomachs (he's 8.5 months) and that dogs do get sick.
  2. Definitely take him to the vet; I would take him tomorrow, if he doesn't eat a morning meal. does he have a fever?

    Were people giving him turkey skin or other fatty foods? That's dangerous and can bring on pacreatitis. Most dogs can't handle table food and T-giving has especially rich food.

    It's ok to give him pepto-bismol; I keep caplets on hand and give our dog a whole one, but a puppy, maybe 1/3 or 1/2 a caplet.

    The food you've tried is the right thing for a sick dog, but his body is telling him not to eat right now.
  3. ^^^ Thanks. I gave him a bit of pepto to see if that helps him. I don't have a thermometer, so I'm not sure about a fever.

    He ate a LOT more chicken than normal- we made a chicken and my mom feed him chicken skin and fat w/o me knowing (not a ton, b/c he is a small dog, but likely enough to get his system off keel), when she fed her dogs. He also was given other junk that I don't give him- i.e. chips, pretzels.

    I'll see if he eats anything tonight and try to take him in tomorrow afternoon or the first app't on Tuesday, depending on vet's openings, if he is not doing better. For now, I'm just letting him sleep and hoping the little guy feels better...
  4. Try some chicken baby food. It is very easy on their tummy, tastes good too. Can't feed them that human food, I know we want to but it is so bad for them. (other than pieces of chicken with nothing on them,etc). Vets have always told me try baby food when this happens.
  5. ^^ Thanks for the idea. I'll pick some up at the store.

    The pepto seems to have helped, he was sniffing around the kitchen and found a piece of kibble and ate it. So, I gave him about half a handful and he ate it, along w/ a few pieces of boiled chicken. He's also walking around more, barking at things now, and chewing on toys, as well as sniffing at some food I just heated.

    I'll try out the baby food tonight too, to see if I can get some of that in him and get him to eat a meal, w/o upsetting his stomach.
  6. I always forget about the baby food remedy. Thanks for the reminder, Jody:smile:

    Hope your little guy has turned the corner on the upset digestive system, elizat.
  7. I am just now seeing this, but you have gotten good advice from some doggy experts ;) How is he today? I know that is so scary. One time my dog was doing the same thing, and it turned out to be a bacterial infection he'd gotten from drinking standing water. The Thanksgiving leftovers definitely could have been the culprit if he's not used to eating that way. Let us know how he's doing!
  8. Hon, is it actually a puppy? I've seen some pups which have had a couple of vaccinations already come down with Parvo-please call your vet, just to be safe!!!!!!
  9. I'd say he's a puppy still- 8.5 months, all vaccines and on all the usual other preventive meds.

    He's had a turn around like night and day- he ate almost all his dinner (baby food, chicken and rice), is drinking water, running and playing, and is back to harassing the cat. He slept all afternoon after the bit of pepto. His just looks better too, in the eyes, if you know what I mean?

    I'll give his vet a call to see if they think he needs to come in. Parvo is a scary thing.

    Thanks everyone for the advice!

  10. Ha, Boxermom, I am pretty convinced that baby food cures many canine ills. Sounds like the pup is getting back to normal. Truth be known, I ate about 6 pieces of pie and I feel exactly like the puppy does. And no, while I did not eat baby food it took a good day to get back to normal.
  11. Awesome-I'm glad he's feeling better!!!!!!