sick of seeing fake cambons!!

  1. Is it just me? Everytime I turn around I see a fake cambon, it just makes me sick!!! I just want to grab it and burn it!
  2. I see them a lot too! I don't have any cambon, mostly because it reminds me of little girls who have fakes. =(
  3. It is annoying.
  4. When I mentioned this in a post some members got offended! I agree with you, there are tons of fake Cambons.
  5. you can totally tell A REAL CAMBON from a FAKE! but...yes i am sick of seeing all the fake ones...i love the black with patent cc's but i see so many disgusting fakes! its unbelieveable! i actually never saw a black with patent fake cambon? HAVE YOU GUYS?i always see the black/white
  6. same as me. I had an authentic cambon reporter and i heard many times from people looking at me " they should feel ridiculous carrying counterfeid" while it was a real one but there are so many fakes that they cannot imagine you can have a real one. So i get rid of this bag
  7. I am against fakes and am a tad annoyed when they assume that I am carrying one.
  8. yup...dun own a cambon....except for a long wallet...
  9. Its very annoying. Fake bags in general annoy me.
  10. Ugh, this makes me angry too, since I actually love Cambons! But I guess it makes me tote my reporter with more pride, KWIM?
  11. I see them a lot where I live ( a lot of fakes). There was one where there were actually loose threads hanging out from all the shoddy seams. It was beyond :sad:.

    I just shrug and shake my head.
  12. the fake cambons are hideous!!
    it is too bad they are so faked, b/c an authentic cambon is beautiful!
  13. That's why I'll never get a cambon. I saw this hideous fake "reporter" bag that had the crooked CCs. Yikes.
  14. xStacyx - Me too....I've only ever seen fake black with white CC cambons.....never the black with patent black CC........but I love the cambon line. I don't care if I see a lot of fakes...they look nothing like my real ones!!!!:p
  15. I have a brown with brown patent Reporter and have never seen a replilca of this. I carry it with pride.