Sick of poor Sales Help!

  1. Hello all!
    I am in search of my first Bbag and am having no luck!
    Holt Renfrew in all of Canada does not have a selection of part time bags with GGH!
    Most of the SA never call me back when they say they will look into it!
    The only SA that is currently helping me doesn't have the color that I want.

    I called BalNY and thought I was getting great service until I was ready to make an order and the SA left me holding on the phone to grab a pen. I then called back to and she admitted to me that she forgot about me because she was busy. HOW RUDE!
    She then told me that I needed to fax her back a form for the ordering ...I had no access to a computer to print the form and no acces to a fax. I wish she informed me the day before when I last spoke to her.

    I told her that I could fax it back tommorrow to her but she then told me I would have to wait till next week because she is not in tommorrow and won't be back till Monday!
    I want may bag asap...I hate this waiting!!

    Any other ideas for me in finding and purchasing my dream bag??
    Does anyone know of a US department store that will send to Canada?

  2. NM will send to Canada.. but the customs might be $$$.

    I just picked one up from Holt Renfrew on Bloor.. which PT are you looking for ?
  3. Thanks!
    I am looking for a black PT with GGH...
  4. Ooooh.. this is a toughie, I've seen them before I think, but mostly I see the SGH.

    I'll give my SA a call and see if he can find one for you.
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. i saw a black ggh part time at the Barneys in bh today.
  7. Have you thought about ordering from Aloha Rag (AR)? If you do a search on tPF, you'll find lots of info (stock, ordering instructions, opinions) about them. They definitely ship to Canada and it be free shipping because a b-bag is over $500. They don't put pics of b-bags on their web site but you can email them for info and pics.
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. Thanks!
    However, they don't carry any bags with GH as of now...unless things have changed.
  10. There's a Black PT but with Silver Giant at LVR. Maybe you can email them if they have it in Gold.