Sick of LOVE ligne? Bored, blah and over it?

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  1. Is anyone tired, bored or over their love bracelets and or rings?

    I have felt this way a long time I guess. I have not worn my love ring in a long long time. It is the 3 diamond love and I don't like it on me anymore. My plain love bracelets are just that. Plain. I, however, love my VCA Perlee. I just don't wear it much for fear of scratching it.
    I am loving the Panthere collection a lot.
    I am thinking to sell all of my loves for VCA perlee pieces and some Cartier interesting finds.

    Anyone else not excited by love? Haha. Maybe I had them too long and they no longer excite me? Tell me I am not alone!
  2. Nope! I love my love because I’m a sentimental sap (it was a push present) but I can see how having the VCA Perlee would make you get bored of the love since the Perlee is so stunning!!! The love is plain but I think it’s understated and just enough for casual wear. For dressy occasions I would definitely wear something else to stack with it
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  3. Yes, I stack it and it is ok for daytime and causal. I can easily slide mine off, so I don't wear it a lot. I think it's beautiful you have a lovely memory to go with your bracelet!
    I like stacking with JUC ect. It just bores me. Yes next to Perlee is seems so dull. I need something new and exciting lol. :smile:
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  4. I have a few loves and the VCA Perlee with diamonds. Love them all. Don't think I'll ever get tired of them. I like a lot of bling though, and I do tend to find the classic loves with no diamonds are just that--classic, but can be a little boring.

    If they don't make your heart sing, definitely sell them for something that will!
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  5. I feel ya - I got rid of my love cuff and my love ring a while ago - also of my large JUC bracelet and ring. I love my perlee ring and alhambra bracelet and kept a very classic Cartier trinity ring. I miss the JUC so bought a small ring but I am also tempted to look into less popular pieces
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    YES! I got for birthday presents so feel bad but really would like to take them off. I also see them everywhere. It seems as though every youtube make up artist has one and makes me want to take my off.
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  7. I have one Love Cuff and it’s enough. I contemplated getting a love ring too but somehow it was too much/underwhelming to get the same design. I am also looking at the Van Cleef Perlee ring. It’s so gorgeous.

    It sounds like you should just retire the love until you’re feeling it again. Nothing wrong with taking breaks with jewelry pieces.
  8. I have a thin LOVE and still wear it but yeah kinda... I see so many people wearing them and I hate the stacks of like 4+ (it looks so gauche to me). I feel like it's just become a status of Instgram wealth.
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  9. I have the love ring and love it still. There was a time when I wanted a love bracelet so badly but I’m glad I waited now. I see them absolutely everywhere. Real, fake, stacked all down the wrist. I actually just find it annoying now. I’ve noticed not so many people wearing the love ring now which makes me feel better! I’m also over the juste un clou too. I see people wearing that with cheap bracelets next to it all down the arm. Ugh!
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  10. I like the JUC worn by itself or with the small JUC. Same with the Love. Too many Loves worn with large watches or three or four other bracelets not so much. The JUC can easily stand on its’ own but when I see it with a Love or other bracelets it spoils the simplicity. JMO.
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  11. I guess I’m in the minority here. I still absolutely love mine. And yea, it could be based off where I am located because I never see them in real life. Other than me and my brother and his wife. But like out and about, I’ve maybe seen the love once or twice...,maybe. I usually just see them on instagram or YouTube. But because I don’t see them in person ever I don’t feel over saturated.
  12. No, I still love my Loves. I had to take them off for carpel tunnel surgery and when I put them back on I was so happy.

    I almost forget they are there, which appeals to me. I stack them with other things all the time.
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  13. Ty everyone for commenting. I don't know if it is oversaturation? It could be, or I am just over them as I had them a while.
    As for seeing so many on YT and insta, I am also responsible for that, so I can't judge! LOL

    I think I am sick of the screw motif! I love the rainbow love and diamond love. So any screws look dull and next to the Perlee it looks so blah. I need to not compare it to something so feminine and pretty! Haha
    I love my JUC ring with pave. It is beautiful. I am going to Cartier soon and seeing what is not popular!
    So far Panthere is calling my name. If not I will get another Perlee to stack.

    What other bracelets is everyone loving? I should look into really getting the rainbow love. I wish it came in all pink Sapphires!
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  14. Get the rainbow love! I know what you mean as I have 3 thins, a cuff, and a rainbow. My rainbow is definitely the most special, and I don’t really see anyone in real life wearing one. I also love it because people don’t recognize it as Cartier half the time. That being said I still love my other bracelets but sometimes it’s good to put something you loved in the jewelry box and try something new. One day you will want the clean and classic look of the plain love and pull it back out.
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  15. Rainbow love! I have 3 love bracelets 1 WG 4 diamonds, 1 RG 4 diamonds and 1 rainbow rose gold. Out of all of those the rainbow is my fave. It is is the only bracelet that I NEVER regret getting. I’ll get twinges of regret sometimes for the other two. But not the rainbow. I kinda want to add the white gold rainbow to my stack.

    I’m also in love with the Bulgari serpenti diamond bracelets. Such a fun, sexy and unique design, plus all the BLING :heart: def. Check that one out too!
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