sick of LEs and things beeing D/Cd

  1. this is just a bit of a rant really.
    i was looking on the LV site and it seems to me that they are releasing far too many LE bags and ignoring the permanent collection.
    loads of my favourite permanent bags have been D/Cd recently and there doesnt seem to be that much new stuff apart from the LEs that are out of my price range or dont appeal to me.
    anyone else feel the same?
  2. What bothers me more is that the people behind the official website are very slow with updating it... Hello, it is your job!
  3. ^ i know! that drives me mad. especially since i do my shopping mostly online because i live so far from a boutique.
  4. ^ Me too. Well regarding the permanent lines, I am all for trimming the fat from the Monogram Canvas collection.
  5. ^The only problem with that is that not everyone is sick of the monogram line. Plus, it's one of the well-known lines, so they can't just get rid of half of the styles made in monogram just because some people are tired of it. They may discontinue 2-3 styles at the most, if anything.
  6. I LoVe LE:love:
  7. I know the Monogram Canvas line is the bread&butter line of Vuitton, but let's wait till Vuitton is in a Burberry situation and maybe LV will revamp that line too.
  8. It may just be me but I very highly doubt LV will EVER go the way of Burberry no matter HOW many styles are in the monogram line.
  9. although i understand how it can be frustrating, i appreciate that they do retire/discontinue some permanent collection bags from time-to-time. these are usually those that don't sell or appeal much anymore. so why keep it? this makes the collection fresh and updated. sure, there seems to be a lot of LE bags launched, but there are new permanent models released too. there's at least two new Mono bags (each available in 3 sizes) coming soon.
  10. You know what? I hope the same thing. I am an optimist at heart.
  11. ^Yeah same here. I figure that if that line has been around that long already, they won't screw it up by overproducing. LV never really does anyway. Besides, even for me, when I'm not really into the LE bags at the moment, the mono line is what I fall back on. :yes:
  12. I found many of nomade leather style has been discontinous, and i hardly see any of nomade bag/accessories around the store too. I am hoping LV can release more new style in nomade line.
  13. My store had all the nomade styles/accessories today when I went... that DAMN keepall wants to be in my home, I know it lol, I told him no though lol
  14. I know! about 3 bags that I like have been discontinued recently.

    It's a lot of lines that have gone too not just styles Antigua, Tobago, Denim (well most of it)
  15. Tobago's demise is the saddest to me.