Sick of Highlighting...

  1. Any suggestions on what is the least damaging way to go a few shades darker if you've been highlighting (along with some lowlighting) your hair for years? An all over color? Toner? Just more lowlights and less highlights? I'm sick of the maintenance of heavy highlighting, plus it's taking a toll on my baby fine hair...HELP!
  2. I used to highlight my hair for years and about 2 years ago i decided forget it and I went to the salon and had my hair colored chestnut and I am so glad I did it, Now my hair is so healthy and long and shiney. I have never looked back. All over color is the way to go, It make your hair look healthier
  3. Wow...sounds like you did the right thing. Did the dark color not "grab" the highlighted hair when you did that though? Mine is so porous I would be scared that it would come out way darker than I want. I'm naturally a light mousey brown :yucky: and I would like it a little lighter than that but not as blonde as it is now.
  4. Well I had my regualr stylist do it, We did go a few shades lighter the first time and she did the roots first and didnt run it into the ends for sometime. I had to have it recolored every 4 weeks or so for about 5 or 6 months because the hair that was bleaches kept lightening back up (didnt look bad, just not as dark as I wanted it) but now I dont even have to color it anymore and its just as healthy as it can be. It is a process to undo the damage caused by the bleach but the sooner you do it the faster you can have healthy natural colored hair.
  5. Ok...that makes sense then. I imagine it will be a long process for me too but I am determined to end the insanity! I just want shiney healthy hair again. Thanks so much for your input!
  6. I also stopped highlighting and started using the semi-permanent dye from drug stores. I had to use them every 4 weeks for a couple months because the color would fade. Semi-permanent dyes are alot less damaging which is a plus for hair that's been highlighted for years.
  7. eek..Im HIGHLIGHT dependant.....LOLOL!
    I adore mine...In all honesty..I do find it killin g my hair too but I discovered BUMBLE AND BUMBLE damage therapy leave in and rinse out conditioner.It saved my hair and makes it shine again..One day though...Ill have to chill on the blonde too......HEHE!!!I know itll eventually make it break...SNIFF..Im in love with BLONDE!!!!Its soooo addicting!
  8. ^ :yes: I did the same thing. I was getting honey blonde full-head cap highlights for awhile,but it was so expensive, my hair was fried, and I hated having dark roots all the time...

    I asked the stylist to just match my roots so I could let it grow out. He did a single process semi-permanent chocolate brown and at the same time I got a bunch of length chopped off... It looked SOOOO much better. It was so shiny and healthy looking! I've never looked back either. I haven't put any ammonia or peroxide on my hair in 3 years!!!!
  9. I have gone back and forth over the last 6 years. I've stayed with the same stylist the whole time so she has my entire hair history written down. I was bleached-blonde for a few years, but it really took a toll on my hair because it's naturally really dark and I was in the salon all the time. Then I think I dyed it back to its natural colour, which faded out, then I started highlighting it again. I put in red and low lights. Then I started putting in subtle dark-blondish highlights again. The last time I went I put some darker streaks in it again. It's healthy again so I can do whatever I want. I'm not keen on going back to my natural colour for a while though, I find it boring. If I were you, I would try lowlights first so you can adjust to the darker colour and it will be more healthy that way. Then you can gradually start going darker to find the exact shade you love.
  10. My natural hair color is dark brown (very fine hair), and I had it chestnust with blonde highlights, then I wanted to go black. The salon had to put on a layer of red mixture first (so the colors don´t react strangely together), but I got out with much healthier looking hair ! I want to go chocolate.
  11. i have been highlighting my hair for many years. Just over the weekend i was so bored of it. i decided to dark. so instead of going to my salon which would have cost me 125 to go back darker. i decided to do it at home ...DF had helped me and it came out great. plus i saved 120 bucks :smile: for doing it at home. my hair now is a chocolate brown.
  12. :wtf: You must have some very strong healthy hair to be able to withstand all that! Mine would have fallen out of my head with that many changes! LOL! I was not blessed with strong resillient hair at all. You're lucky!

    Thanks for the advice!
  13. You were very brave! I would be scared to death to do it myself. I'm glad yours turned out ok. Was it a shock to see it so much darker?
  14. Sounds so pretty. That's all I want....healthy looking hair. :girlsigh:
  15. Highlight dependent....LOL!! That's a good way to describe me too, but I have to make a change. I love B&B products! I use Deeeep at least once a week. I think it says on the label "for the chemically dependent and seriously parched" hair. That be me!