Sick Of Fakes.......

  1. Sorry guys, just have to blow off some steam........

    I can't believe how the illegal/fake bag system works. I can't even begin to understand it. We just returned from a trip to China (which was amazing) and while shopping we were bombarded with people coming up to us with these glossy little pieces of paper showing us pics. of fake coach, LV, Fendi, etc. And these "sales people" were very persistent to the point you'd have to just ignore them and walk away OR just stop in your tracks and say VERY firmly NO, PLEASE NO.

    And now, today back at home, on one of the Chloe bags I'm selling on ebay, that I purchased at NM, I get this message from someone:

    Dear :
    We are the best agent and the best quality of the Product at best price We happy Many
    BAG.CD bag. other Many different.please believe us that we will bring you large profits~!~ Please take time to visit our website at: www.zhuo.XXX
    EMAIL :
    MSN :

    I'm just SO SICK :cursing: of the rampent fakes and the billions being made by people who think it's harmless to buy one little fake--don't they get the it??!!:s :cursing:

    Sorry just had to vent
  2. Ugh i know how you feel! Those sales people are so pesky, and they are found all over the world (while we were in the Caribbean it was terrible).
  3. Yeah, it's to the point now where when I see girls with LV, prada, coach bags, I immediately assume they're fake. If you walk around nyc you'll see tons of girls dressed horribly with these "designer bags," not to mention all the old chinese ladies in chinatown walking around with LVs. It totally detracts value away from these designer products, because there is a certain stigma attached to those who shop and purchase these bootleg products. Total disincentive, at least for me, to purchase any of these products that are overly-blatant with the logos.
  4. Do you think that this stigma is something that pervades the general public, or would it the stigma more likely be attached by people who are fond of purchasing the originals, and according to many messages I read here, able to spot copies, legal, or otherwise at a glance?

    If owning the original is important to you, for whatever reason, then what people who do not own one, or in many cases, people who would not even be able to recognize one, buy should not be able to detract from your own personal preference and taste, nor diminish your enjoyment of them!
  5. Wow! I am extremely anti-fake but would never be so judgemental. The 'old chinese ladies' comment:wtf:
  6. we have to be impeccably dressed to carry a designer bag in order to keep the integrity of the Designer????

    Old Ladies, and why if they are Chinese does it make a difference, are not allowed to carry LV's?

    Hmmmm. The attitude of this post is worse than the sins of the old Chinese ladies or the badly dressed people who dare to carry an Designer bag.
  7. I hate fakes, too but I don't flinch or make comments at anybody who's wearing a fake bag because it's not my business and it's not on me to judge.
    Those faker emails which I get, too I just hate them and they're so annoying. I just report them and it seems to work because i didn't get any for 2 days.
  8. I know many 'OLD CHINESE' ladies who carry authentic LVs. ahem??:cursing:
  9. I'm gonna be real. I hate the site of fakes. I don't out right dog people becasuse they carry a fake bag, but it does bother me. It bothers me the most when they try and act like its real. I have seen soooo many FAKE chanel bags and I'm just like what!?! I don't even carry mine that much because its not the type of bag you carry everyday. However, I can't get over seeing all these PLASTIC bags walking around, and these females sporting them like they just purchased them off Rodeo Drive.:cursing:
  10. I dress a bit dodgy sometimes...
    If I'm carrying around a designer bag, are you going to judge me as carrying a fake? Ouch, I'm a little worried..
  11. Do you mean it bothers you if someone tells others that the bag they are carrying is something it is not, or are you bothered by the attitude of the women carrying the bags?
  12. I don't condone fake bags but it doesn't bother me if some people want to buy the fakes. Its not my business. If they feel happy in carryin a fake bag then so be it... At the end of the day, as long you know u are carrying the real thing, then why should it matter! Also im chinese, and i know most of the "old ladies" carry the real thing! and when do u have to smarten up just cos u carrying a designer bag! we all have our crap days...people who judges so easily annoys me so much!
  13. Fakes suck!
    I get those emails whenever I list a high end bag!
  14. LOL...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: Here's some twisted logic for you. Maybe getting these emails is a good thing. The people WITH the fakes cannot tell the difference in the real vs. fake. Therefore, they think that YOU may be listing a fake. Thus, the need to market their garbage to you. OK, so here is the logic...try to follow. As long as they are SENDING you those emails, it means they cannot see the difference in what they have vs. what you have, because if they did, they would know that you they sold authentics. The longer they stay in the dark on those differences, the longer people here on this forum and all over the web can call them out, bust them online, and warn people not to buy from them because there are differences that give their bags away as a fake!
    I know...kinda warped in theory, but I am just trying to spin something annoying into a positive!Heh heh..
  15. The only time I get really pissed about fake bags is when the sellers charge authentic bag prices for them. Ripping people off who may not be familiar with the characteristics of an authentic Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, etc. is just beneath scum as far as I'm concerned. If you buy a fake and you know you're buying a fake, cool. But, when you think you're gettin' a real bag and the seller charges you through the nose, that's not right at all.:cursing:

    The devil wears Prada? Yeah, and the devil sells "Prada".:devil: