Sick of Coach, ready for an upgrade (that's why I'm here!)

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  1. I was at Coach tonight and was treated badly by the SA's and truthfuly the stuff they were carrying I was NOT blown away by because I see TOO many people with this stuff! They introduce new floor sets soo frequently it's not so unique to me anymore.
    I really want an LV bag now! It's about time I move up a level....:tup:

    Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. I hear ya! made the plunge long first real high end designer bag was a marc jacobs and haven't turned back since!!! go for it! you will be soooo happy with your lv...!!
  3. Go for it! I used to buy Coach, but the service was so bad, that I stopped fairly quickly.
  4. and I'm just not as excited over the product anymore. The SA's are rude and nothing blows my socks off. PLUS everyone has Coach. I want something better worth holding onto for a long long time :smile:
  5. Go! LV is ready for you!
  6. Go for it! You know it's time to move on from a bag brand, when 11 year olds are carrying the bags!! :rolleyes:
  7. I haven't completely blown off Coach, but I have been bitten hard by the LV bug....pretty much everything in my avatar has been purchased in the past few months and primarily financed by Coach that I sold off.
  8. Yea LV is more adult. Lv never goes on sale and will never be at an outlet or TJMaxx making it more exclusive. At least buy one good bag.

    But like so many things it is hard to stop at one.
  9. I still like Coach, but I LOVE LV! It is my true passion, I totally understand where you are coming from, you see Coach bags everywhere.
  10. You do see Coach bags everywhere... but I also do see a lot of knocked off LV (which is a downside) but still- I know it's real :smile:

    I am ready to get a little more sophisticated here!

    I want to sell some of my old Coach purses.. and need to figure out the best route to get the most bang for my buck!
  11. I did the same thing VPink. I was also mistreated by those idiotic Coach Sa's and I'm clearly sick of them. I see Coach everywhere on every single person out there. It's only so rare that I see someone carry a nice LV bag. I'm so glad I moved onto LV.

    LV always comes out with sexier and more beautiful stuff, Coach only gets worse.

    Oooh, and Welcome to the LV Forum, by the way. Glad to have you as part of the family. :amuse:
  12. Thank You Thank You! I feel at home here.. hehe.

    It's hard for me to buy Coach anymore because I tend to end up returning it (hence my issues with Coach SA's tongiht over this) because I just can't justify buying this stuff especially because it ends up in an outlet so quick and everyone carries it.
  13. Yes I agree! I've been saving up for my first big LV purchase and my BF asked "Why don't you just get a big Coach bag?" I said..its not the same! He didn't get it :sad: lol
  14. Yay, you're welcome!

    OMG. I do the same thing. I would bring it home and end up not liking it, and returning it. Then the Coach SA's get all :cursing::cursing: about it and I get so pissed off. They act like they own the store and are such morons. I can't even step into that store anymore without that manager getting into my face.

    lol, I actually tried to file corporate on him. Let's see what happens. LOL!
    I really don't see why they make such a big deal about the returns, sheesh. That's why I rather shop at Nordies and Macy's, they don't :cursing::cursing: about returns so much, do they? Damn.

    Edit: I mean, do they really EXPECT customers to buy these bags and be happy with it? HELLO. *cringes* That's something I totally noticed before. Give me a flipping break.

    Edit II: Yeah, about the Outlet thing. Makes shopping at the Boutiques totally pointless now, huh? Glad LV doesn't have one.
  15. a speedy or a neverfull are the two best noob bags. the speedy is a classic and the neverfull is quickly becoming one. every girl needs her speedy.