sick of a bag?


which bag should I let go?

  1. sell the white marshmellow (white baby cabas)

  2. sell the black GST

  3. ar eyou kidding? keep both, one or neither. (other, plz xplain)

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  1. out of nowhere when I awoke this morning, I felt disgust for my white baby cabas and black GST w/ gold hardware. I feel like I need to get rid of one and bring in something new. I want a black cabas instead of the white and the black GST is getting sort of annoying. The other day I walked through the mall passed a full length mirror and it looked boxy to me...hmm time to let it go? I got it for $1650.00 a 1.5 weeks ago, is it too soon to let go? or should the white baby cabas get the boot???
  2. btween the two, i'd boot the gst, i myself are not feeling the GST anymore either, i only felt it for a brief moment. but it's long gone now.
  3. I voted for sell the GST myself. I have never "felt it" and especially w/gold hardware. This is just my personal preference, of course!
  4. i so feel your emerging disdain...............but both are so gorgeous and classic..................can you think about it for a bit since the feeling to let one or the other go came upon you rather quickly? maybe the feeling to keep them both will appear? have you considered getting rid of both and getting the expandable in black? :idea: having a black expandable kind of incorporates having a black Coco Cabas and a GST.....:yes: if you're anything like me, sellers regret can be a terrible feeling..............anyway, both the GST and Coco Cabas are so so different from each other: both are classic, but one slouchy, one boxy, one gold h/w; one silver h/w, one classic classic, one classic trendy

    lol you remind me of me.....i was laughing...:p
  5. Keep both as investments. If your posted occupation is true (SO unfair ;)) then definitely don't sell!! :yes:
  6. ^ muhahahah butterfliie your so funny. Money isnt the issue here at all. Do you ever just wake up one day and gag from looking at some of your bags?
    ( well, I am asking the wrong person, because your collection is spectacular)
    but, I just woke up this morning and saw my cabas and black GST and my heart didnt skip a beat :sad:...I will never let go of my purple jumbo flap, red lambskin med, black lambskin med or gold matte flap :p but these two are still " whatevering" bags haha!

    I might just keep them and use them on days when I feel like a slob and am running around in sweats and a teeeeee.

    oh btw, now that you mention my occupation, my employer is financing a black lady braid satchel---fingers crossed!!! muahahha
  7. I think I need to change your employer hiring?? :graucho:
  8. I love the Cabas in white.
    I would boot the GST.
    IMO, it makes no sense to keep a bag unless you love it.
  9. I voted to get rid of both bags since you don't sound crazy about either.
  10. I would keep the white Cabas and let the black GST w/ gold HW go. However, in the thread you started 1.5 weeks ago about getting the GST for $1650, post #43 says it has silver hardware so that's a little confusing, unless were able to buy two at that price.
  11. ^ I ment to type there it was GOLD HARDWARE. I posted a pic of the GST with gold hardware in my thread labeled " am i the only foolish one..."
  12. you might be on to something :p
  13. I'd get rid of both, too. It's a lot of $! Maybe sit on it for a few days. What is your occupation, btw? You must've changed your profile, and it sounds interesting!
  14. I'll be perfectly honest: I'd get rid of both. Neither of those bags are my favorite. Keep in mind though, that I typically tend to go for classics like the flap or even the clutch. The GST seems to be everwhere right now which is what I don't like about it, plus it is boxy.

    That said, I would sit on it for a few days. You bought them for a reason so it wouldn't be good to just get rid of them right away. You may regret it. Take a few days to think about it before making a decision.
  15. Well, I'd say get rid of the GST.