Sick kids are making me broke! lol

  1. I've been home with sick kids all week and I'm still waiting for a few more of them to catch it too. We've just been hanging around, sitting on the couch, watching TV & reading books. But I've also been online shopping since I'm sitting here and I swear if they don't get better soon I'm going to go broke lol. At least its just some nasty virus and no puking involved ;)
  2. LOL, thats why you should stay here in the playground!! anywhere else on this forum might cause you to spend more money!! lol
  3. OH MY GOSH!!! ME TOO!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. There is a virus going around here, so all the kids are getting sick. This was the week for my kids to get sick.

    I haven't done any online shopping though.
  5. i am home with another sick one, a hacking makes her!
  6. My six year old son currently has a mysterious fever that comes raging on with a temp as high as 104.4. If I give him children's ibprofen, the fever goes away for about 8-10 hours and then comes raging back. While he doesn't have a fever he is running around the house bouncing off walls and driving me crazy. It's hard to think of him being sick when he is running around. But because he has this fever he can't go to school. This is going on three days now. Grrrrrrr.
  7. ^My son had the exact same thing for SIX days. I had to take him to the office with me! That was special. Turned out to be adenovirus. Word of warning...don't touch your eyes after taking care of him! Three days after he was fine, my eye started watering and I woke up with bloodshot, painfully swollen runny left eye. Went to the Ophthalmologist and he said it was classic adeno of the eye. Now it's going to my right eye! It's been 6 days already! Pure torture. I wash my hands at least 30 times a day but I must have slipped up somewhere. Protect yourself!
  8. This all sounds torturous....hope everyone gets better soon!