Sichuan Scarf

  1. Does anyone know about the Sichuan scarf? have a picture? know of the inspiration behind it?
    My daughter was born in the Sichuan provence and I heard there was an H scarf named Sichuan and thought it might be nice to have.
    I love all things with an Asian inspiration and haven't seen many H scarves that have that feel. I am hoping this one does!:yes:
  2. What a lovely thought! I don't know anything about the scarf but look forward to hearing more when HG gets to this thread....
  3. Thanks Rose, How is your vacation going?
  4. Really great! L just fell asleep, totally exhausted.... so, I get to catch up for a while.
  5. It's a Robert Dallet design, first issued in 1995. If you google Dallet, you'll find he is a naturalist and loved to draw wildlife. He passed away last summer.
  6. ^^^^ Isn't she fantastic!
  7. Thanks HG! I'll go google now!
  8. That she is!:yes:
  9. Here is a pic:[​IMG]
  10. oooh pretty!
  11. Wow, love it!

  12. How did you find it so quickly?? thanks so much!:heart: I absolutely love it and would love to get it framed for baby rocker's room. See the little panda in the picture? That is the area in China where the pandas roam.
  13. The scarf is beautiful. Rocker, that's such a lovely scarf to have in your daughter's room.
  14. I have to call my favorite SA (yes, in Alaska) and see if he can track one down for me...I wonder if it is too late??
  15. Hey, Rockerchic, your younger daughter reminds me of myself at that age.