Siblings and Fakes

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  1. Do you have family members that carry fake LVs? How do you feel about it?
    I do, and sometimes I just want to grab the purse and shove it down the garbage disposal... :hysteric:
  2. No one i know irl carry designer bags.

    I have one friend that has a fake theda (its nasty)and 2 fake wallets. She doesnt carry the theda because 2 days after she got it the handle broke *LOL*

    Otherwise i think its just wrong. I would sooner have a nice leather bag then a fake anything.
  3. A lady at my office insists on bragging about how she knows someone who gets "great knock offs". :throwup:

    I told her I don't carry fakes but if she feels good about carrying a fake bag then by all means....go ahead. Now she doesn't brag about it to me...but I still hear her talking to others in the office about it.
  4. I don't really care if people carry fakes, as long as I know mine are authentic. :P Oh, but it's a whole different story if they try to "show off" with their fakes, thinking that they can get away with it.
  5. I have friends who carry real LV and friends who carry fake. Most of them carry fake and I do not care for fakes. I also know alot of people who carry fakes, especially in high Girl has a small fake bag which she carries as if its the LV pride, it looks awful, very plastic and isnt even in a style that LV make. I know of other people who carry fake LV and they have lots of it and Im like :wtf: :wtf: why are you carrying that piece of plastic ??. I really does look awful :Push:
  6. You made two points... They do break super fast... not even worth the money you pay for them...
    and yes I rather carry a Liz Claiborne.. than a fake anything... My sister thinks that we (me and other sister that carry Authentic) are nuts for paying so much for LVs and other designer brands... but isn't it crazier to carry knockoffs of those brands... If you don't believe in them and spending that much money on them... wouldn't you just not endorse them period? not carry them real or fake... doesn't carrying a fake mean you wish you could buy the real? :s
  7. Nobody in my "real" life carries LV, fake or real.
  8. my co-worker carries a fake globe shopper. i think that it is a fabulous fake!!!! i convinced her to buy it! seriously, you should see this bag! this bag in particular doesn't bother me because it's phase #1 of my transformation.....i'm working her to buy a real lv.

  9. eh not necessarily. a lot of people don't want to buy the real and have no intentions...they see it as making the same fashion statement for less than 1/2 the cost. To a lot of people...they think the joke is on us.
  10. i don't know anyone in my family except my parents who uses LV. but a girl in my acappella group carries fake LVs to rehearsal because she sees me with my own LVs, and she never fails to remind me that her dad 'sells purses' and she can get me a 'good bootleg for $70' :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  11. totally, I find most that are carying fake do it to be like those that can afford the real deal. it doesnt make us that cary the real deal better but that we have a focus to have a nice/well made bag.
    Not that a roots leather bag or liz calaborne isnt nice, in fact i have a l/c hobo bag that doubles as a makeup bag when i travel. I love it!

    I think people just need to live in their own bubble and live within their means and with what makes then happen and not worry so much about what others think.
  12. although i don't think it's a right thing to do...i won't say anything to people i know who carry fake purses...i mean it's their right to buy whatever they want but i wouldn't let it bother me..well, unless i hate them then i'll start bytching about them!!! but all of my friends carry real LVs...and all my aunts carry real ones too
  13. Nope...the only other person I am close to who loves bags is my little sister, and she would not be caught DEAD with a nasty fake!!
  14. i do know of people who uses REAL/Fake LV. but none in my family uses LV (not even fake). lol i feel so sorry for the people who use fake lv because whenever i stare at their bag longer, they'll be self-conscious already. but i just wanted to see if they are fake. but oh wells.
  15. Not my immediate family, but I think a few of my cousins would indeed carry a fake. My sister likes Chanel.