Siberian Husky Sock Eating Problem!!

  1. Okay does anyone have this problem with their pets??

    My dog is three months old and he has swallowed about 5 pairs of my daughter socks!!!!!
    I am so frustrated at this problem does anyone have a solution or suggestion?

    I don't keep her socks laying around but he will go though the dirty clothes basket to get them when we're not home and it's insane!

    I'm worried that he might kill himself by eating these things.
  2. Oye! He can get a nasty and expensive blockage from this little habit!

    I suggest a closed laundry hamper, closed door to laundry hamper, and keeping an eye on him when he's running free in the house. Perhaps even putting the hamper up out of his reach til he outgrows it. Good luck!
  3. My dogs too small to eat socks, but he will get into my laundry basket and start eating the lint off all my stuff. Its great until he throws it all up with this nasty yellow foamy thing.
  4. One of my dogs does this, sortof. He doesn't actually "eat" the sock, he just uses them for chew toys and shreds them. And its always my husbands dirty socks....never the clean ones....only dirty. I personally wouldn't want to put that in my mouth, but I guess because it smells like my husband? Who knows!
  5. This can absolutely cause a terrible blockage.

    My dog will eat anything, which is why I must keep her in her crate when I cannot watch her. Last week I was in the basement for about 10 minutes, when I came back up she had worked over a library book. :push:
  6. Have you tried spraying the socks down with something like Bitter Apple?
  7. That's a good idea. From what I remember it doesn't stain or smell to humans. When my Nellie was a puppy 13 years ago, she would eat our comforter, sheets and all the bed linens. It was crazy. The bitter apple helped.
  8. I agree with Speedy and Yui. Maybe you can get a closed hamper or keep the doors closed so he can't get to it. Also try the bitter apple spray - it really works! :yes: When my dog was a puppy, she would chew on wires and I just sprayed the wires and she never chewed on them again. She also likes to chew on socks now too. She likes stealing socks from my brother's room whenever she can and carries them over to my room and just leaves it there. :shrugs:
  9. try Bitter apple....
    My pup Ripley chewed everything in site..but didnt EAT THEM!!!(Floors,carpet,shoes,WALLS,,,LOL!!)..they have to grow out of that chewing phase.Ripley is about to turn 2..and is JUST NOW behaving...(sorry!!LMAO!)
  10. Ugh, my dog has this ridiculous love for chewing up stray panties and (this is gonna gross you out...) USED PADS. We've had to resort to putting the bathroom waste bin on top of the toilet to stop her from eating the stuff inside.

    I'd also suggest that you get a closed-lid hamper or if your dog is highly skilled at opening closed lids (ahem, my little Min Pin and every metal, heavy trash can we've owned thus far) put your laundry hamper in a place where your dog can't get access to it at all (closet).
  11. A three-month old Siberian Husky, huh? You are a brave soul! I have 2 Siberian Huskies. We have had them both since they were 6 weeks old - they are now 11 & 12 yrs. old. They are definately a challenge during puppy-hood. They are unlike any other breed I have encountered, but if you can get past the puppy stage without tearing your hair out, I guarantee you will be rewarded 100 times over. The Siberian Husky is a beautiful, smart breed, but also a very high-energy breed that gets bored easily and needs obedience training and plenty of exercise in order to rein-in their ornery nature. Please check into puppy training classes in your area. With lots of practice and lots of patience you can break bad habits before they get out of hand and before your puppy harms himself. (Before obedience classes, I was convinced that my pretty puppy was the devil-dog....I thought for sure she would never calm down and be a "normal" dog)! Also, do try the bitter apple, and maybe talk to your vet about the sock eating. You can PM me if you want to discuss Husky puppies....Good luck!
  12. I have LOTS of missing socks :sad: but i know for sure my dog isn't eating them. I don't know what it is about socks but my dog loveeees them.
  13. hey, I was also thinking...

    are you sure he eats them? maybe he just took them and hid them somewhere... but if he actually ate it, does he poop them back out? I used to get my dog those rope chew toys and she would shred it and eat the rope but when she pooped, the chunk of rope would come back out.
  14. I am hoping he didn't eat the socks too. That is a lot of stuff to pass through a little puppy! My younger dog adores socks but he is a good old almost eight year old and doesn't swipe them from the hamper.

    A three month old puppy needs to be in a very secure place if you are not in the same room. Right now socks but what about furniture, medicine, food, trash, shoes, carpet, doors and the rest of your home's contents? Puppies need to learn what is okay and that means giving them access to stuff when they are old enough to behave.

    We taught the older dog how to get into stuff. One of her favorite misdeeds is bread stealing. First we had her loose in the house when she was all worried about where we were so she was roaming looking for stuff to do. Then we left the bread drawer open a bit, then the wrapper sticking out with drawer closed. Put the bread on the counter, then way back on the counter. Put in an open roll top breadbox, then closed it. Luckily we never left the refrigerator open or something sticking out! The oven door is heavy enough she isn't able to open it either. She still gets up on the counter if we leave bread there. That dog adores bread! This is one example of how not to train your dog. I can give good instructions on how to train an expert trash robber as well if you like.