Siamese Twin B-Bag for $399 BIN

  1. Damn!! It's gone already! I would've been the one to snap it up... :sad:
  2. Funny, LP. I thought you would love it as soon as I saw it...It's brown color after all.
  3. That would have been a cool collector's item but I wouldn't have carried it. The leather did look yummy though.
  4. Hee, myGERL, yep, it's brown and it's odd - totally me! ;)
  5. Guess I don't have to email it to you then LP :upsidedown:

    That is one strange bag ~ As I looked at the picture, I thought, hmm, wonder if it could be separated so you could have two bags...... :P
  6. LP - have you ever seen this one before? What year was it probably made?
  7. Never seen it before. I'd guess 2001? That was when they were still using the Le Dix label... But I don't know for sure.
  8. Whoa... freaky...
  9. damn! that was one cool bag! I've never seen that one before! crazzzzy looking! I like that one!

    Who got it? its a zero feedback buyer... so many lately!
  10. Very weird...but pretty cool, IMO!